AVerMedia is back with a bang with its best-ever console capable of capturing video/games at an incredible 4K HDR. The all-new video capture box, AVerMedia Live Gamer BOLT helps you collect and share in-game scenes without losing any detail and fluidity. Simply connect it to your game console and the UHD-TV, and start recording 4K gameplay at just few button presses.

AVerMedia is best in this business, and by launching its first 4K HDR or 1080p@260fps video capturing console, the Taiwanese firm has yet again proved its prowess. The AVerMedia Live Gamer BOLT features Thunderbolt 3 connector.

For the unversed, the Thunderbolt 3 peripheral port is capable of a whopping 40Gb/s transfer speed. It’s the same port that eGPUs use when connecting to laptops facilitating a tremendous data transfer speed between the connected devices. That bandwidth enables the Live Gamer Bolt to push through the required video data to capture a full 4K frame 60 times every second at bitrates up to 240Mbps.

The AVerMedia Live Gamer BOLT is priced at around $450. The official said that AVerMedia Live Gamer BOLT preview delay is less than 50 milliseconds, and the built-in video processing chip can achieve video resolution scaling and frame rate conversion without affecting the performance of the CPU or GPU.

With the Live Gamer BOLT, you’re able to capture amazing 4K HDR footage or fluid and crisp 1080p video at 240fps. The hyper low-latency input will help you play without an external monitor. If you’re hardcore gamer cum live streamer on various platforms such as YouTube, then the Live Gamer BOLT ought to make your life easier. If you’re interested in AVerMedia products, then have a visit to their official website.

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