Baidu announced earlier today that it will be releasing its latest project to the public. The “Baidu Cloud Phone” as it’s now known is a virtual service. It will enable users to run applications designed for the Android platform on the cloud as opposed to their device which is normally the case. They will also be able to control the “cloud phone” on their smartphones or any other supported device.


This is a very revolutionary technology. We expect it to be widely adopted across the industry. The Baidu “cloud phone” platform comprises of an advanced RISC machine (ARM) server. Virtualization technology and core Android OS all developed inhouse. Baidu touts the service as being able to offer cluster management and control for virtual phones in the cloud. 

New Dawn

Users of the Baidu cloud phone will be able to control it almost instantaneously and wholly remotely. While running Android apps, everything right from their mobile phones. However, to rephrase for context and clarity, users will, in essence, be able to run additional apps than their phones can normally handle. While the “extras” running on the cloud instead of the user’s device. But with the ability to manage everything from their phones. So it looks as if everything is running locally on the user device.

Use Cases

Targetted use cases include anything that’s computing resource intensive such as gaming. And anything where users will now be able to avoid hardware limitations of their otherwise low specs devices. So imagine enjoying the latest resource-intensive 3D games on an old mobile phone or a smartwatch. Any device not equipped with powerful processors, graphics cards, and the like but only capable of basic video decompression. It’s amazing!

Baidu cloud phone will also support fully virtualized “cloud VR” for VR buddies. The VR fans will no longer be forced to purchase expensive VR headgear and hosting. They only need terminal equipment that can decode video, connect to the internet, and provide UI for interaction with the system. 

So far the cloud phone is 4K capable. Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Native Android and comes with GPU acceleration. We hope this is only the beginning and greater things are in the works from the team at Baidu. Stay tuned for more. 

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