Bangalore-Based Company Looking For Professional Pokémon Hunters

Pokemon go was released in most regions of the world in July 2016. For IOS and ANDROID devices.The game is based on virtual reality, With the help of GPS and mobile camera it is played, Where the mission is to catch the virtual creatures called as Pokemon’s.

The trainer gets to choose any one from 3 Pokemon’s initially after the sign-up, Then goes on to catch em all. Basically, the player has to travel from place to place to catch a Pokemon. Enough with the introduction.

Recently this game has launched over 30 countries with the downloads over 75 million worldwide. Straight to the big news without any delay, Recently a Bangalore-based company has started a new job category of job. And it is named as “The Pokemon Catcher”. Yes, it is true. Where the trainers are hired if they have some qualities and massive game information.

For joining this job the trainer should have the massive amount to knowledge about all the Pokemon’s and should be great at training them in gym centers also for battling and conquering gyms. Sounds awesome right? Most people called it a one-night success, But the CEO recently spoke for his hard work and informed the world that it took him 20 years to build this game.

Sean Blagsvedt the founder of spoke for Pokemon goes saying this game will not only compete with the market crushing companies like FLIPKART,UBER, and AMAZON but also take on these companies on the firm level.He also said “Babajob will be the premier portal for players everyone to hire screened, verified Pokémon catchers. It’s an amazing time,”

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