We all have social networking accounts, Which we use on a daily basis. But there are some folks out there, who create these accounts for spreading abusing messages and things like disrespecting religion’s, Culture’s, and celebrities. So in order to stop that, The application and websites developers will ban them as soon as they receive any report on such issues.

The same thing happened when a couple of accounts were banned by twitter. But these hackers managed to take control of banned twitter accounts. Recently a team of hackers known as “Spain squad” managed to reactivate the banned accounts.

According to reports a few hours earlier, a group of hackers known as “Spain squad” has publicly stated that they have found a new way to reactivate twitter accounts, which are banned by twitter itself. The following accounts were banned by twitter @LizardSquad, @Hitler, @DarkNet, @Hell, But somehow they found a way to reactivate these accounts and they’ve done it. Apart from these, there are few other accounts too which were banned already, But found reactivated. These are those following accounts @megaupload, @AK47, @1337.


The reason behind this is pretty clear, These accounts owners are making a public statement that accounts banned by twitter can be reactivated. And they are throwing a chance to people, who are willing to buy popular accounts, which can be helpful to them in several cases like popular banned twitter accounts of a firm or a celebrity for advertisements. Well, they are not finished here, They also tweeted earlier telling “just recovering the old banned accounts”. Which is not available on the twitter as for now.

Since they have found the way to reactivate the banned accounts, Twitter should be more aware of the thing that they can gain access to accounts, which are closed due to death of the persons. In these case, celebrity accounts could be reactivated and used for any purpose. Also, they could sell these accounts for money. Because earlier hey have stated about this trick on twitter.

Since the accounts are reactivated, there are no signs of any harm till now but they are rumors that they are preparing for something worst for twitter. Before they do anything like this “Twitter” should change privacy of recovery function.

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