Before Apple, Microsoft Had A Keyboard With A Touch Bar ConceptBefore Apple, Microsoft Had A Keyboard With A Touch Bar Concept

In Apple’s newly launched MacBook Pro series they revealed OLED-powered keyboard display known as the “Touch Bar”. But most of the users don’t know that Microsoft as already been working for its “Adaptive Keyboard” from more than 15 years.

A web page of Microsoft’s known as Microsoft’s Applied Sciences group explains how the company is working on it’s “adaptive hardware”. This idea was popped back in 90’s that was about a computer that will show only valid keys and hide the unnecessary keys for certain application.

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As reported by The verge “Steven Bathiche, Director of research in Microsoft’s applied sciences group spent years investigating keyboards that changed their function keys and actions based on the applications on the screen. But in 2009 Microsoft finished its research and stated the keyboard as “Adaptive Keyboard”.

Microsoft said, “The research team investigated how touch experiences might be effectively integrated with keyboard input. This prototype has a large, touch-sensitive display strip at the top with the display continuing underneath the keys”.

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With that being said, just like the Touch bar the touch screen may function as a quick-launch bar for applications and also for recent programs. Wen it comes to functionality there are a lot of differences between Adaptive Keyboard and the Touch Bar. Like, for example in the case of Microsoft while editing a PowerPoint presentation tat is displayed on the screen the lettered keys have the ability to change to slide animation tools. Apart from that, there is an advantage over the Microsoft’s touch area because it will display larger icons/photos which make the user interact with full accessibility.

Bathiche explained Microsoft decision about not developing the Adaptive Keyboard technology telling “We did not build computers back then”. Bathiche is te one who co-created the Microsoft Surface also stated: “When we did start, we made computers with touch screens”. All things aside we can still expect a Touch Bar from Microsoft soon.

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