So you’ve rooted your POCO X2 phone, and now you’re on the lookout for the best of the best Custom ROMs for Poco X2 out there. Well, look no further here are 5 of the most promising Custom ROMs for your selection and download at your pleasure.

While you can, choose the custom ROM you fancy, the process is very similar to installing a new OS to your PC. However, in android phones, it’s more complicated. Root the phone first then install TWRP Recovery to back up your files and recover them later if needed. Then you can install the Custom ROM of your choice, but “Installing Custom ROM” is another topic we can discuss in the next article.

Here, then are 5 of the best Custom ROMs for your consideration.

Lineage OS 16

Best Custom ROMs For Redmi K30

LineageOS comes from the Android Open Source Project. This ROM is a better version of stock ROMs. The Android community regularly issues updates to improve ROM performance and reliability. There are LineageOS ROM versions that have Google Apps.

  • Text selection zoom (like iOS)
  • Do Not Disturb has been simplified down to a single-mode
  • Schedule Battery saver  
  • Battery saver no longer shows an orange warning
  • New Animation/Transition
  • Improve Pixel launcher
  • if no devices connected hotspot turned off automatically
  • Rotation locked to landscape mode
  • About the phone screen now shows additional info in a popup window.
  • Screenshot button in power menu
  • Text selection zoom (like iOS)
  • Volume buttons now control media volume by default
  • Adaptive Brightness is now much more useful as it actually changes the base brightness level

Resurrection Remix

Best Custom ROMs For Redmi K30

Resurrection Remix will not only give you performance, customization, power, and better battery life but also many more features. This ROM combines the best features of popular Custom ROM like LineageOS, AOKP, Paranoid Android. This AOSP based ROM is the top choice of ROM modders.

  • Based-off latest Resurrection Remix V7.x (Android Pie), Lineage and AOSP source codes
  • Latest security patches and sources 
  • Compatible with EX Kernel Manager
  • OTA Updater (LineageOS Updater)
  • In-Display fingerprint unlock and front camera motor

Pixel Experience ROM

Pixel Experience  ROM transforms your POCO X2 into a Google Pixel clone with all the Pixel-related features and no bloatware preloaded. This ROM features Ambient display, Coming Alive wallpapers, navigation gestures. Compared to MIUI ROM, this ROM enables fast charging and improved battery performance. 

If you are a Google Pixel fan, or just curious as to how a Pixel phone feels then this custom ROM is for you. 

  • Pure Android experience
  • No needs to flash Gapps externally
  • You will get monthly updates

Havoc OS (Beta) for Poco X2

Best Custom ROMs For Redmi K30

Customization is the main feature of the Havoc OS. You can customize almost all POCO X2 features. From the hardware buttons to the status and navigation bars, and of course, the lock screen.

  • QS Panel Inspired by OOS 
  • Pixel Lockscreen weather
  • Enhanced QS Battery Estimation
  • Seekbars for Media Notifications
  • MD2 UI Rounded UI 
  • Substratum Support
  • Compiled using SDCLANG
  • Micro-G support
  • OTA Support
  • Signature Spoofing

AOSiP ROMBest Custom ROMs For Redmi K30

AOSiP (Android Open Source illusion Project) custom ROM features plenty of customizable features but not quite as many as Havoc OS but generally more stable. This ROM includes GApps.

  • Screenshot button in power menu 
  • New Animation/Transition 
  • Do Not Disturb has been simplified down to a single-mode 
  • Battery saver scheduled
  • Pixel launcher improved
  • Battery saver no longer shows an orange warning
  • About the phone screen now shows additional info in a popup window.
  • Text selection zoom (like iOS)

These are some primary custom ROMs for Poco X2. We will keep the list updated if any new ROM arrives for the device. You can also let us know via the comments below.

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