There may be fewer people who don’t know about Greenify. If you don’t know about Greenify, it is an Android application that is used to squeeze more battery backup from your phone. The app will detect apps that consume high power and move them into Hibernation when they do not use them. Apart from saving battery, the app will also help to maintain the performance of your smartphone. It means that your RAM will be used by apps that you don’t use, and that’s where Greenify will be in use. 


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The main advantage of the app was it works even for the non-rooted phone. However, rooting your device will unlock more features in Greenify on your phone. Google introduced Doze mode with Android 6, and Greenify has Aggressive Doze mode, increasing the battery backup much better. Greenify was the top-rated battery-saving application, and we are here with few alternatives for the app. We are here with other options because some of the apps found in the Play Store don’t work effectively.

Best Apps like Greenify


SuperFreezZ is an app developed by XDA’s Junior Member hour and is open-source software. The app works similar to Greenify in non-rooted devices like force closing apps in the background. Further, if you give permission, it will kill apps that you do not use. You can download the app from Fdroid or compile it from Gitlab.


Ice Box

The name Ice Box suggests what it does. The app will freeze unwanted apps from running in your device’s background and keep your device chilled like the app’s name. Apart from saving battery, the app will also make sure that your phone’s performance will not slow down. The app will work both in a rooted and non-rooted device. Please note that if your device is not rooted, you need to perform specific steps before installing it. Ice Box has a feature that will allow you guys to whitelist the apps you don’t want to put in Doze. It has several other features like a lot of graphs that will show each app’s battery consumption and much more.


Guide for non-root users


Servicely is an app that will save your battery and works similar to Greenify. That said, it can be used to control apps to allow them to run in the background and not to run in the background. The only downside of the app is that it works only on rooted devices. That means the app will work effectively and will save battery better compared to other alternatives. It works in a rooted device because it requires a lot of access to the Operating System that only a rooted device allows accessing. Another advantage is that the app’s interface is simple, and everyone can use the app without confusion.



Brevent is also a perfect substitute for Greenify. It is one of the best available in the Play Store for saving your battery. Most apps available in the Play Store will stop working background apps, while Brevent will kill those apps that don’t have any activity and still run in the background. The app will make your device long-lasting, and it can be helpful in certain situations. It also has support for a dark theme which will be beneficial in OLED devices. It will allow users to freeze apps running in the background. As we said above, it works differently from Greenify.


Hibernation Manager

After seeing the name of the app, you must have understood what the app does. Hibernation Manager works similar to Greenify and will help you save your battery by moving battery-draining apps to hibernation mode. You will get more features if you have a rooted device. Like, if your device is rooted, then you can use the CPU hibernation feature. What this does is that it will automatically set your CPU to the lowest possible frequency and voltage and will result in better battery backup.



As the name suggests, Hibernator works similar to Greenify. It will force the active background processes to go into “hibernation mode.” However, this is only for a particular period. After that period, the process will be active and forced to Hibernation if not in use. The app will work in both rooted and non-rooted devices.


Kaspersky Battery Life

Most of you guys might know about Kaspersky because the brand has been famous for Antivirus software which we used on PC. Till Windows 10, most of them used third-party software to prevent the virus. The brand has now used its software on the Android platform. With their new Kaspersky Battery Life, the app performs similar to Greenify. Like Greenify, it also kills the app in the background, which is of no use. The app saves a lot of battery on your smartphone. It doesn’t require root access to work on your device. So, you can try this app as an alternative for Greenify.


Air Frozen

AirFrozen is just a battery-saving app available on the Google Play Store. It doesn’t have any extraordinary features for recommending. The app is like an alternative to Greenify, and they also freeze apps for a short period. The exciting thing is that the app is super light that one will not believe it has this many features compared to its size. The app also has few tricky features like a freeze on app exit, force stop apps, and set the app to freeze background apps and clear all apps when you lock the screen.


So, these were the eight different alternatives to Greenify, which we found to be effective. Please do note that we didn’t list the alternative on any basis, and we have randomly done it. Also, please consider sharing the article with your friends and family. We have put a lot of effort to create this article. 

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