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The cost of data keeps dropping globally every year, yet internet speeds increase. Advances in networking technologies has resulted in widespread deployment of faster network technologies like 4G hence the future looks brighter with the adoption of the faster 5G network technology

Access and use of smartphones have also improved significantly. Largely due to competition between device manufacturers, and as brands try to outdo each on the marketplace. Consumers benefit from reduced prices. Devices are now more affordable than ever before allowing people to communicate more. Here are our best Android video chat apps for work and play in 2020.

One form of communication that seems to be growing in popularity. Especially in the face of sanctioned lock-downs brought about by the COVID-19 global pandemic is video communication facilitated by video chat apps. Let’s explore some of the benefits of this form of communication.

6 Benefits Of Video Communication

  • It’s Affordable: Video calling is significantly cheaper than traditional phone calls.
  • Easy to access: All you need is a phone and an active internet connection.
  • It’s Flexible: It doesn’t matter where you are, you can jump on a video chat for an important matter on your laptop, smartphone, iPad or other supported devices.
  • More Effective: video chat provides participants with a kind of non-verbal communication that’s reported to be an effective means of communication.
  • New Use Cases: Offers good options for online interviews, remote working, and distance learning.
  • Productivity and Efficiency: Eliminates time and space barriers, communicate with colleagues, customers and partners anytime, anywhere.

Video chat applications enable real-time face-to-face communication. This makes them very convenient at a time like now. A time when people find themselves having to either quarantine, self-isolate or work from home. It allows them to be able to maintain contact with loved ones that they may otherwise not be able to visit in person. 

Video chat applications are mostly free. This has contributed to their widespread use. The underlying technology has also matured and is more affordable and easy to access. 

Before we explore the top Android video chat offerings of 2020. Let me point out that some of these apps/services are available in iOS and Android. Still many will also allow video chat with someone on a desktop or a laptop computer.

A word of caution though. Not all listed apps are available in all countries. Check with the publisher or developer of the app if your country is supported because there could be restrictions imposed. Either by the app company or your government so nice to find out first before you head to the app store.

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Best Android Video Chat App in 2020



WeChat is not just a video chat app. It’s a social network with video calling and voice capabilities. In fact, it’s the most popular video chat app in China with more than 1 billion active users every month. Yet previously it was only used for sending instant messages. Now it forms the basis of people’s daily digital life. It can be downloaded and used free.

WeChat Screenshots


Key Features

  • High-quality voice and video calls
  • Share photos and updates via moments feed
  • Real-time location sharing with friends
  • Shake and look around to find random people nearby
  • Read articles and blogs
  • Transfer money and pay bills via a virtual wallet

Limitation(s): Content might be monitored on the wider app. Therefore, be careful about sharing politically sensitive messages or images. 

Download for Android | Download for iOS.

Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger is a free chat app that supports voice and high-quality video calls on Android and iOS. It works on desktop via a linked Facebook account. It’s very popular globally and can be downloaded and used on mobile with or without a account. It’s free to download and use.

Messenger Screenshots

Key Features

  • Easily share photos and videos with friends and family.
  • Hop on a voice call or video chat. Calls are free via wifi.
  • Send or receive money securely and easily. *Only supported in select countries.
  • Connect and chat with businesses to make bookings, get support, deals etc.
  • Play games with friends.
  • Share locations with friends, nice for a meet-up.
  • Record and send voice messages if you don’t want to type. 

Download for Android | Download for iOS.

IMO Messenger


IMO is a free video calling app that lets anyone make free video and voice calls via an internet connection.

IM Screenshots


Key Features

  • Automatic log-on into account.
  • Access multiple chats clients with a single interface.
  • Group chats and photo sharing
  • Store, browse and search your chat history.
  • Share your photos, music and other files.
  • Record and send voice messages.
  • Add smileys and emoticons to your conversations.

Download for Android | Download for iOS.



This app leans more towards the business and enterprise segment. Where it has carved a niche as the go-to tool for web conferencing, video conferencing and webinars. Zoom Meeting free plan allows one to host upto 100 participants.

Zoom Screenshots


Key Features

  • Meetings service for collaboration, training, and technical support.
  • Video Webinar feature with access for up to 100 participants.
  • Zoom Rooms for collaboration. 
  • Business IM to stay connected with text, image, and audio file delivery over IM. 
  • 323/SIP Connector that enable room systems to communicate with your mobile, tablet, and desktop devices with a single touch
  • Developer Platform for developers to create their own stack solutions with video, voice, and screen sharing APIs. 

Download for Android | Download for iOS.

Google Duo


Google Duo is a fairly new entrant in the video communications app space. The app was first announced at a Google’s Developer Conference on May 18, 2016, and released to the public for download on August 16, 2016. Google Duo offers high definition video calls and voice and can be used on mobile, desktop and smart displays. It’s free to download and use. 

Google Duo Screenshots


Key Features

  • Zero set-up required, just download and use, no accounts to register.
  • Encrypted video calls to your contacts.
  • See a video preview of caller via Knock Knock. 
  • Phone number for verification.
  • Ability to block numbers.

Download for Android | Download for iOS.

YeeCall Messenger


If you reside in the middle east countries of UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman Egypt and some countries in Asia such as India and Pakistan, then you might find this app particularly useful if you’re unable to access the other apps without using a VPN. YeeCall Messenger offers high quality voice and video calls and messages. The app is available on desktop too.



Key Features

  • All-in-one voice and text communication (voice, video, text) from one interface.
  • Supports even the slowest 2G and Edge Networks.
  • Global Coverage
  • Photo sharing
  • It’s cross-platform. 

Download for Android | Download for iOS.


FaceTime simplifies the way you connect with friends, family, and colleagues irrespective of their location, through high definition video calls. Currently only supports iOS devices with a forward-facing camera and Macintosh computers equipped with a FaceTime Camera. There’s FaceTime audio-only version too. FaceTime comes free with iOS and macOS from Mac OS X Lion (10.7) onwards.



Key Features

  • Effects to liven up conversations.
  • Group chat with up to 32 People
  • Start & join calls via the Messages App
  • Add new participants for group chats
  • Ringless notifications for Quiet Invites 
  • Auto-Detected & highlighted active speakers
  • Invite audio & video participants to calls 

Download for iOS.

Google Hangout


Google Hangout has been around for a long time and continues to provide excellent video calling capabilities. Hangout allows one to connect with up to 9 people on a single chat instance, and it can be accessed via a web browser, Android, and iOS app. It’s completely free with a Gmail account.

Hangout Screenshots


Key Features

  • Instant Messaging.
  • Voice Calls.
  • HD Video Calls.
  • HD Group Conferencing.
  • Auto Screen Focus.
  • Intelligent Muting.
  • Compatibility with multiple computing devices.
  • Built-in screen sharing.

Download for Android | Download for iOS.



WhatsApp was purely a text messaging app initially. It has grown to include voice and video calls. It’s a freeware and cross-platform and is currently used by millions across the globe. WhatsApp is available on Android and iOS.

WhatsApp Screenshots


Key Features

  • Works on low-speed networks thanks to good compression technology.
  • Offers end-to-end encryptions of messages for added security.
  • Only contacts can video call each other.
  • Can view messages while on chat.

Download for Android | Download for iOS.



Snapchat app is favored by younger users and it offers excellent video calling capabilities for up to 15 friends at a time with the option to use lenses. Face Lenses is an AR feature that turns you and your friends into something new – like puppies, flower crown royalty, or even babies according to information on their website. Video calling is free as well on its platform.

Snapchat Screenshots


Key Features

  • Share short video clips
  • Share photos and videos via news feeds
  • Ad support content available from famous publishers or brands
  • Send GIFs shots
  • Turn your friend and yourself into puppies, flowers etc via face lenses AR. 
  • Start visual parties
  • Express yourself, learn about the world and have fun with friends and family 

Download for Android | Download for iOS.



Tango offers good quality video calling and the ability to live stream videos. People within a user’s network can watch. It’s pretty popular and is said to have close to 400 million users around the world.

Tango Screenshots


Key Features

  • Supports iOS and Android.
  • Switch between voice and video calls without hanging up.
  • Broadcast your life.
  • Follow Broadcasters & Become VIP.
  • Watch Live Video Streams.
  • Personalize your Profile.

Download for Android | Download for iOS.



Viber is a cross-platform messaging application from Rakuten of Japan. This chat app supports video calling and can be used on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems.

Viber Screenshots


Key Features

  • Make Free Audio and Video Calls.
  • Enrich Your Conversation with Chat Extensions.
  • Start a Viber Community with Unlimited Members.
  • Express Yourself with GIFs and Viber Stickers.
  • Self-Destruct Your Secret Chats.
  • Chat and Call with 100% Privacy
  • Open a Group Chat
  • Make Low-cost Calls to Landlines with Viber Out

Download for Android | Download for iOS.



KaTalk or KakaoTalk is a free instant messaging application from Kakao, a South Korean internet company headquartered in Jeju City, South Korea. KakaoTalk was launched in March 2010 and currently offers free text, voice and video call features. It’s available on Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows and had about 220 million users as of 2017, likely triple the number by now. 

KakaoTalk Screenshots 


Key Features

  • Uses mobile phone number for identification.
  • Unlimited free voice, video calls and text messages to other users.
  • Group text messaging supported.
  • Supports Android, iOS, Windows OS, and Mac OS.
  • Available in 15 languages.

Download for Android | Download for iOS.



This list will not be complete without a mention of Skype. The reigning champion of instant messaging and video calling world and the trendsetter. Skype has not looked back even after going through a series of acquisitions. 

t’s the likely best app in this space. It offers business and regular subscription. Regular use is mostly free. Active daily users are estimated to be 4.9 million active users daily.

Skype Screenshots


Key Features

  • Instant messaging and chat history.
  • Calls between Skype and landline / mobile phone numbers.
  • Skype Premium.
  • Voicemail.
  • Video calling and screen sharing.
  • SMS text messaging.
  • Wireless hotspot network access.

Download for Android | Download for iOS.

And there you have it, folks! Can’t see your favorite app? let us know.

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