Best Camera PhoneTop 10 Best Camera Phone in 2017 - Buyers Guide

In this article, we are going to discuss some best camera phone for Android and iOS smartphones lovers. These smartphones consist of more pixels, powerful sensors, advanced auto-focus mechanisms and many more features. If you are a photography fan then you should need a really good camera and this article represents the Best Phone Camera 2018.

We all know that these days’ smartphones are taking place of cameras but we don’t know which the best camera phone to buy. So, here are some top 10 best camera phones which gives you the best photo quality that you want. And you can compare smartphone cameras as which phone has more features and quality.

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The phones below are considered from global brand companies, the phones are tested and confirmed the best camera features available on them and yet it is not officially released but as a Gadgetsay team we considered these 10 smartphones are having best camera quality. All we will say is just have a try on these smartphones camera and use the comment box below and tell us which are the best camera phone in your point of view.

1) Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Top 10 Best Camera Phone in 2017 - Buyers Guide
Apple iPhone 7 Plus

This iPhone has sport dual 12MP camera modules in the rear part. The first 12MP module has a wide-angle lens and the other has a telephoto zoom lens. The second camera is used to click images which zoom up to 2X. Apple has made the camera in such a way that if the OS assume that the digitally enhanced 2X image has no noise the second camera will not activate and thus, this first phone comes under best camera phone and also you can compare smartphone cameras using these top 10 phones.

2) Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Top 10 Best Camera Phone in 2017 - Buyers Guide
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

This smartphone has 12 MP rear cameras with LED flash. It has Dual Pixel technology and has an enhanced gap size of f/1.7 with larger pixel sensors. These features allow lightning concentration for all the pixels. There is a ‘Pro’ mode in the camera app which permits the user to manage the speed of the shutter and ISO values.

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3) Google Pixel XL

Top 10 Best Camera Phone in 2017 - Buyers Guide
Google Pixel XL

This smartphone has 12.3MP rear camera with f/2.0 gap. To support the camera a two-tone dual-LED flash, Phase Detection Autofocus and Laser Autofocus are terrified into the combination. There is not the end of best camera phone it has more features, In dazzling surroundings, the camera works extremely perfect. As a result, the daylight shot come clear and with many descriptions. The Extraordinary thing about the Pixel XL’s camera is that it makes the video soothe in bumpy places. In spite of not having an Optical Image Stabilization.

4) OnePlus 3T

Top 10 Best Camera Phone in 2017 - Buyers Guide
OnePlus 3T

This smartphone in currently promoted it has a 16MP rear camera with f/2.0 gap, it has Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and HDR. The company has modified its camera software for more natural looking results. If the user wants the best-looking images the camera has got physical controls in the camera app. This camera works better for low-light images.

5) Motorola Moto Z

Top 10 Best Camera Phone in 2017 - Buyers Guide
Motorola Moto Z

Motorola Moto Z sports a 13MP rear camera it is attached with laser autofocus, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and dual-LED flash. While clicking the image it makes its focus quickly and shutter speeds are also very fast. The camera app has qualities like Auto HDR, the ability to switch between front and rear cameras via a flick of the wrist, 4K video recording, and slow-motion recording. It has a Professional mode which implies the name, it also allows you to modify everything from ISO levels to white balance as per your taste.

6) Xiaomi Mi 5

Top 10 Best Camera Phone in 2017 - Buyers Guide
Xiaomi Mi 5

This camera has 16MP rear camera with dual tone LED flash, Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) and 4-axis OIS. The PDAF improves the speed of Auto Focus and 4-axis OIS provide more firmness to videos. This combination of the camera allows the user to capture moving objects and maintain the best firmness. It can record 4K videos without any difficulty.

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7) Nubia Z11

Top 10 Best Camera Phone in 2017 - Buyers Guide
Nubia Z11

This camera has 16MP rear cameras with a f/2.0 gap, Optical Image Stabilization, and PDAF. It is supplemented by a dual lens unit in the rear part. This smartphone has a variety of shooting modes for good quality of images. It also has Electric Aperture mode which allows users to select the space ranging from as wide as f/2.8 to as narrow as f/44. The Shutter speed measured between 0.3 to 72 seconds.

8) Huawei P9

Top 10 Best Camera Phone in 2017 - Buyers Guide
Huawei P9

This smartphone is with dual 12MP rear camera unit produced in association with Leica. One captures the color photo and the other captures colorless images. The camera app provides three self-explanatory colored shooting modes that are Standard, Vivid and Smooth. The P9 can use its ‘Wide aperture effects’ to change the image modify the vague impression after capturing the photo and making it more inspired.

9) HTC 10

Top 10 Best Camera Phone in 2017 - Buyers Guide
HTC 10

This smartphone have 12MP UltraPixel 2 camera with a pixel size of 1.55um, so when you click one shot it will capture more light. It also has a Pro mode which allows the user to modify the image like white balance, ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation and manual focus. The camera app is very easy to use. The photo in the smartphone has a vibrant color range and improved details. It also includes quality like Auto HDR, HTC Zoe, Hyperlapse and slow motion.

10) Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe

Top 10 Best Camera Phone in 2017 - Buyers Guide
Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe

This is the first smartphone to come with a Sony IMX318 sensor, the Zenfone 3 line-up to come with a 23MP rear camera. The image clicked with this smartphone are crisp and detailed. Colour imitation is exact in HDR mode. The phone provide shooting modes like Manual, Beautification and HDR Pro.

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So, these were the best camera phones with best camera quality and features. There is no doubt the people are curious to grab any of these phone but they have also aware of the phone price, as we told you; compare smartphone camera and you will find the best phone with best camera in 2018 list. We hope that the upcoming phones will have more included camera features because the expectations have increased by the launch of awesome camera smartphones in last year.

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