Are you looking to spying someone’s activities secretly? Do you want to know about your loved one and their all activities? So, there is a lot of mobile monitoring software are available in the software market that helps to spy the smart gadgets. If you look around and see everyone has their cell phone. In today’s era, life is fully dependent on smart technology and we all become addicted to this. As same the other kids also have access to mobile phones. Unfortunately, the use of mobile phones by kids can create some issues for the future. So, parents should keep an eye on kids all activities with the use of secret mobile spy app. it can help to protect the users from the dangerous effects of digital devices.

Top 10 Android Spy Apps That Are Free

What do you mean by a phone spy app?

When you hear the word of spy app definitely, you think about tracing the mobile location. But in reality, mobile spy apps can help to find out every single activity of the targeted device. It enables the users to monitor every online activity of the targeted device. Mobile spy apps help to spy the cell phone devices secretly like call logs, messages, social media accounts and their activities, mobile browsing history, location tracker, and other activities.

Why use mobile spy apps?

There are a plethora of reasons to monitor the mobile phones of the targeted phone. Time has changed technology emerges rapidly. The current era of 2022 has full of fast technology that can create some issues. It is important to highlight the all issues for the safety of users.

There are two major reasons for the use of smartphones.

  1. Kids monitoring
  2. Employee monitoring

Kid’s safety

It considers one of the important things in the latest era of technology.  Kids spend much time on their cell phones. It’s harmful to kids in the future.  They don’t know the negative effects of mobile devices and their excessive usage. They couldn’t realize the seriousness of using smart devices. Parents should control kids all activities. They can know all about them and do something for their protection.  So, the mobile spy app is the best choice to find out the kid’s smartphones and their activities.

For business security

The business employee is considering the root cause of the growth of business and company goodwill image. Employees can help to the highest profit of the business. Unfortunately, some employees are not sincere with their company and work. They waste time on unusual activities. They are not fully focused on their duty. They spend office time doing unproductive activities. That’s why an employer needs to spy on an employee’s activities secretly. It makes sure you about your employee’s activities within their smartphones. It helps to find out those employees who cheat the company and all those who are working sincerely.

Top 3 mobile spy apps for android and iPhone

  1. TheOneSpy
  2. Flexispy
  3. OgyMogy

TheOneSpy spy app

TheOneSpy is best cell phone spy app for android that is used for tracking and monitoring mobile devices. This spy app is used to track every single activity of the targeted device. This allows the user to spy the all mobile activities. It considers one of the authentic and reliable monitoring applications. Users can easily know every activity of the targeted person. It always fulfills their claims toward the monitoring of digital devices.

In the latest era of technology, it considers one of the most authentic and reliable.


TheOneSpy is making sure the online activities of the android and iPhone devices.


  • Call logs
  • SMS monitoring
  • Browsing history
  • Whatsapp monitoring
  • Appointments monitoring
  • Location tracker

Flexispy mobile spy app

Flexispy is one of the most powerful and reliable known spying app in the modern era of technology. It offers unique features for the tracking and monitoring of devices. It works for the monitoring of mobile phones. This app is willing to the monitoring of digital devices for protection reasons. Flexispy app review helps to update the live activities of the targeted devices.

It allows the android and iPhone features

  • Automatic remote control of digital devices
  • Track users call logs
  • Provide dashboard alerts
  • Access the secure key combination
  • Run in hidden mode
  • Web control

These features work for android and iPhone devices.


OgyMogy is another innovative android spying application. It has designed to spy the android devices secretly. It allows the parents and employee monitoring for secret monitoring. This app helps to spy on smartphones and know their all activities secretly. It considers the authentic software for the tracking of digital devices. It also the best mobile spy app and is trustworthy for users.


  • Location tracker
  • Key logger
  • Record and secret recording of calls
  • Spy text message
  • Check the websites
  • Spy the emails


There are so many spy apps for tracking.  But we mention the best mobile apps for the monitoring of smartphones.