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It is easy to overlook backing up contacts and data on our Smartphones. However, it is important to backup your data as no one can tell when disaster would strike. So, imagine a scenario when your Android device is attacked by a virus or stolen, how do you protect your data and contacts? This is why it is important to have contact backup apps for your Android. Although Google offers automatic backups for your contacts, there are apps that offer protection for your data, apps, documents and media files. 

contact backup apps android

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Best Contact Backup Android Apps

Getting the best contact backup app may seem to be a chore. You have to go through reviews and specifications or even try downloading them one after the other. Well, we have made things easier for you. Here are Top 10 best contact backup apps for Android. Do you can look for the one that best suits your needs. 


Contacts+ utilizes a cloud-based system that synchronizes your data with Gmail, Outlook and Cloud. The app picks up the data from your connected accounts automatically. If you are looking for a less stressful way of restoring your contacts when switching between android devices, then Contact + is a go-to. It works like an address book replacement helping you organise your contacts and integrating them with your social media accounts. It has a free and premium version. The free version allows you to link your accounts and 1000+. On the other hand, the premium version includes account synchronisation, business card scanning and additional linked accounts. 

G Cloud Backup

gcloud contact manager

G Cloud is mostly used for device backups. It is a cloud storage option and functions both manually and automatically.  It backs up your contacts, SMS messages, call logs, videos, photos, music, documents, and other files. It gives you 1GB free storage and $3.99 for unlimited storage. You can earn more free storage by performing little tasks in the app. It isn’t like Google drive and bears no association with Google. It’s a cloud storage service whose sole purpose is to provide phone backup. Also, with u G Cloud, you can configure automatic backup to when your phone is charging it when connected to WiFi. 

  • Free version
  • The paid version costs $3.99 per month


helium contact manager for android

Helium allows you to backup your contacts in the internal memory or SD card. It also allows you to transfer contacts from one Android device to another without the need of having them connected within the same network. It has both a free and premium version. The premium version is ads. The app also allows you to sync your app data. 

  • No need to root your phone 
  • Available in free and paid version

Super Backup & Restore

super backup and restore

This app covers the backup of everything from bookmarks, applications, messages, to call history. You can also share the data stored with this app easily. It offers automatic backups if scheduled and you can change the backup folder path. It also indicates the last time of backup and will upload your backup to the clouds. 

  • Automatic backup
  • Stores both apps and contact

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My Backup Pro 

my backup pro

My Backup Pro provides you with cloud backups, app backups and automatic scheduling. The app is a reliable backup tool for Android devices. Although the app works well on non-rooted phones, it’s features are more profound on rooted phones. On rooted phones, it backs up all data, setting, saved games and more. It’s a paid app but offers you a free 30-day trial version to demo the app. It costs $3.99.

  • Paid app
  • Works on both rooted and none rooted phones. 


For those with rooted Android devices, Migrate is a handy tool.  It provides backups for everything from apps, app data, app permission settings, call logs, contacts, SMS messages, even down to your default keyboard option. When you back things up, the app creates a ZIP file. After you flash your new ROM, you flash the ZIP created by Migrate. As soon as the ROM boots up and the to store process is done, that’s all. The app is strictly for root users. 

  • Free
  • For root users only

My Contacts

My contacts app

My Contacts App is ads-free and helps you to back up your apps. It also helps in transferring valuable contact from one device to another even if it’s an iPhone. It also offers secure contact backup and no interruption from ad pop-ups. 

  • No ad popup
  • Free


dropbox contact app

Dropbox is a pioneer in cloud-based services and a great tool for documents backup. If you are not too worried about backing up your phone and contact details, then Dropbox offers multi-device-synced storage. You can store anything from documents to photos and other media files. It offers automatic backups and an expandible 2GB of online storage which can be gotten through promotions or premium plans. If you subscribe to its premium services you get more storage and encryption as well as other features. 

  • Cloud-based services
  • Free and premium version

Titanium Backup 

titanium backup

Titanium Backup is a great contact backup app for rooted Android devices.  It has both a free and premium version. The free version offers you backup and restores app features for contacts, SMS logs and app data and data is stored to internal storage. On the other hand, the premium version gives access to cloud backups and cloud restoring, automatic backup scheduling, transfer of backup data to an SD Card. The app also has the ability to remove app hibernation, bloatware and lots more. 

  • For Rooted Phones only
  • Available for free and Premium

These are some best contacts manager apps for Android. If you have any recommendation, then let us know via the comments below.


By Rebecca