OnePlus is a popular brand and one reason for this popularity is the quality of its devices. They offer some of the best budget and flagship devices on the market. I’m sure we all agree on that one 🙂 secondly, it’s their continued support for the Android developer’s community. That’s evident from the timely releases of the kernel source code and the promotion of Android custom ROMs for End-of-Life devices.  In addition to many other things, this has earned them a strong following in the Android developer community. 

oneplus 7t custom roms

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This collaboration has resulted in the development of numerous custom ROMs. There are also kernels for their latest flagship device, the OnePlus 7T Pro. The OnePlus 7T Pro comes with Android 10 codename Android Q which requires dynamic partitions and as such. Currently, there’s no official TWRP Recovery port for it yet. This has made the development of custom ROM for this model rather difficult.  Due to the risks of device bricking and data loss since full-back-up is not possible. 

Nonetheless, some ingenious developers have succeeded in porting their work to the OnePlus 7T Pro. Thanks to them, we can now reveal a list of custom ROMs and Kernel for the 7T Pro. Continue below to explore the list and download the ROMs and Kernel from provided links.

Best Custom ROMs For OnePlus 7T Pro

LineageOS 17.1 (Unofficial)

LineageOS is very popular now going by the number of active users and downloads. It’s also the developer’s favorite ROM and has been used as a base in the development of a number of other custom ROMs that support OnePlus 7T Pro. It’s liked because of stability and security that’s said to be at par with that of stock Android. 

LineageOS 17.1 is the unofficial version that strips away OnePlus in-house customizations (bloatware). It also adds a lot of enhancements. We’ve included a link to an XDA forum post below that documents some important steps you’ll need to complete to install this custom ROM. 

Version Status: Testing

Last Updated : 2020-01-18

Download LineageOS 17.1 for OnePlus 7T Pro

Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix is a child of a number of other custom ROMs such as Paranoid Android, SlimRoms, LienageOS, and AOSP. The development team has included some nifty enhancements to the appearance and functionality that make Resurrection Remix really stand out. One is such improvement is revamped UI, menus and settings. Pretty much everything that an Android fan cares about. You can download it from the XDA forum link below.

Version Status: Beta

Last Updated : 2020-04-12

Download Resurrection Remix for OnePlus 7T Pro


If you aren’t keen on stock android experience or a multitude of customizations. Then GlassROM might the ideal Custom ROM for you. It’s more performance-oriented with battery improvements and a ton of optimizations that will help you make the most of your smartphone. We’ve included a link to an XDA forum post that contains both download links. There’s also useful information you need to read before you install this ROM. 

Version Status: Beta

Last Updated : 2020-04-04

Download GlassROM for OnePlus 7T Pro

Omni ROM

OmniROM is a folk of Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It brings a ton of improvements for an enhanced Android Custom ROM experience. It’s better and different than stock ROM and is an excellent alternative to stock Android that comes with your OnePlus 7T Pro. 

OmniROM team consists of some members of the famous CyanogenMod project. This shows what you can expect from this ROM. Some of it’s differentiating features include the app-switcher “OmniSwitch” weather app called OmniJaws and open delta. There’s an Update Utility too. These can’t be found in any many other custom ROMs. Get your Omni from the link below.

Version: Beta.

Last Updated: 2020-04-13

Download OmniROM for OnePlus 7T Pro

Best Custom Kernels for OnePlus 7T Pro

blu_spark kernel

This is the only kernel on this list. However, what’s notable about it is that it comes from a developer that’s been officially recognized by OnePlus. It’s a custom kernel by the developer known as eng.stk.  The kernel offers a ton of tweaks and changes on top of the stock kernel. The download link below goes to an XDA forum page with important information. Read the info. before you install and use this ROM. 

Version: Stable.

Last Updated: 2020-04-07

Download blue_spark Kernel for OnePlus 7T Pro

And in case you’re wondering the heck is a kernel and how is it differs from android ROM. Then happy to inform you that ROM would be considered the complete operating system (think Android or iOS). Kernel, on the other hand, is responsible for numerous things within the OS. Mostly distributing processing capabilities in between programs (scheduling). It’s still capable of affecting how you experience the OS.

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