Samsung J6 launched two years ago with Android Oreo, since then it has been updated a couple of times. As it’s typical in the smartphone industry though, the updates have been rolling out in a staggered manner. For instance, you’ll find that some regions have already received an update while other regions lag behind by months and that’s what inspires our list of the best custom ROMs for Galaxy J6. 

This is a scenario that seems to affect a number of Samsung devices including the J6, since the device launch, some regions around the world have received an update to Android 10 and One UI 2.0. However, Galaxy J6 users in Asia are still stuck with Android 9 (Pie). The affected users in Asia have been waiting for too long and frustrations are mounting because of the delays. So while they continue waiting for an official update, an alternative for them would be to use custom ROM and below we feature some of the best custom ROMs for Galaxy J6.

Important: Custom ROMs below will only work on the Samsung Galaxy J6. Do not attempt to install on a different device. will not be responsible for any damage arising out of your using this information. 

Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy J6 and Kernels

OneUI (Debloated)

This is the official ONEUI but with customizations. An XDA developer by the name ShaDisNX255 took the official ONEUI and made it flashable via zip, he also debloated it so it should run much faster than the original release for SM-J600F without tweaks. Make sure to read the developer’s comments before you install this firmware to avoid any surprises. Samsung is known to make it really hard to flash their devices with aftermarket ROMs. 

Version Status: Stable

Download Stock ONEUI (debloated) for Galaxy J6

Oxygen Kernel

So according to the developer, the Oxygen Kernel is based on code from Samsung Open Source Release Center. It’s designed to provide enhanced performance, better battery usage, and stability, unlike the stock Kernel. Users of this Kernel should expect regular updates from This Kernel can be flashed on all Touchwiz ROMs from 8.0. The developer also made it leaner by debloating it and adding graphite optimizations. Check out the full features list on the developer’s page at XDA from the link below.

Version Status: Stable.

Download Oxygen Kernel for Galaxy J6

Evolution X 4.0 (Unofficial)

This is an aftermarket ROM from the XDA developer @phhusson and @express. It’s a GSI image so bound to have some bugs and the developer has put a disclaimer that they cannot guarantee everything will work so proceed with caution and make sure you read the developer notes first before you download it. 

Version Status: GSI

Download Evolution X 4.0 (Unofficial) for Galaxy J6.


This is another custom ROM from ShaDisNX255 of XDA. This ROM is heavily debloated and optimized with things like floating messages, modded screen record, and native blur. The developer has provided a list of bugs on the ROM download page, ensure you check it out before you download and use it.

Version Status: Stable.

Download NcX ROM for Galaxy J6

And that wraps up our guide of the best custom ROMs for Galaxy J6.  If you found the guide useful do not hesitate to share. You can also drop us a line below if you installed one and tell us about your experience with the ROM. 

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