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Moto 360 2nd Generation allows the user to change watch faces to define their style. The users can download these watch faces from the Google Play Store for free, or they can pay for them. In this article, let us have a look at some of the best-known watch faces that are available for free in the Play store.Moto 360

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Free Moto 360 Watch Faces


Planets is a free watch face which tells you more than just time, it displays the position of the planets at the time in the solar system, hence the name Planets. A comet, racing around the outside acts as a second seconds hand and it is some serious attention to detail. If you love space, then this one is for you.Moto 360 watch faces

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Beautiful Weather  

If you are looking for a watch face that gives you information on the weather conditions, then this one will be for you. The watch face tells you whether you should take an umbrella. Also, it keeps you updated with the battery level, the date and the time. Users also have the option to customize the background. They can choose either one of the preset wallpapers or add one from their Gallery.Moto 360 Watch Face

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Bits is a free watch face from ustwo. Even though it is not as appealing as the others, Bits focuses on functionality. The users can add multiple interactive elements like calendar events, weather, steps and new email. Bits also offers slick and modern designs. Also, users can launch apps straight from the watch face.

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Lulu Frost   

If you own the gold-plated Moto 360 2 with women-friendly ‘lugs’ and the pale pink strap, you should definitely try this one. The background gradient of the watch face changes throughout the day. Also, the Jewels add sparkle to the smartwatch.

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Surfline, as the name indicates, is meant for surfers. It uses live data from the experts to ensure that the user always knows what the surf conditions are in their location. The watch face has a cool feature which keeps the user updated with surfing stats like wind speed and direction to the tide time. It looks minimal and beautiful on the circular display of the Moto 360.

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Cool Circle    

Cool Circle is what we like to call a productive watch face, as it gives you information on various services like weather and alarm. The smartphone app lets the user customize the background colour, screen time and more. The free version is good enough, but you should definitely try the Premium version which adds features like app shortcuts, weather options and more.

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Steps to Change Moto 360 Watch Face

Now you have got plenty of watch faces to try on let’s see how to change the watch faces in cases if you don’t know. To change your watch face from the Watch:

Android Wear 2.0:

  1. Swipe left on the watch face.
  2. Swipe left till you see your desired watch face or touch “Add more Watch Faces” to see additional options.
  3. Touch the watch face you desire to select.

Android Wear 1.5 and lower

  1. Tap and hold the screen to open the watch face selection menu.
  2. Swipe left or right to find your desired watch face.
  3. Touch the screen to select the watch face.
    • On your phone, open the Android Wear app.
    • Under the image of your watch, you’ll see a few watch faces. Touch a watch face to select it, or touch More to see other watch faces .From the Android wear app:

From the Android wear app:

Android Wear app allows you to change the watch face, for that:

  1. On your phone, open the Android Wear app.
  2. Under the image of your watch, you’ll see a few watch faces. Touch a watch face to select it, or touch More to see other watch faces.

Tip: Some watch faces can be customized. To see if a watch face can be customized, touch the Menu next to the watch face.

From Motorola Connect

Motorola Connect allows further customization of watch faces. Select the “My Design” watch face to set a picture as your watch background or choose from already created themes.

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