google 2020 tricks

Google is the largest and most used search engine in the world with a market share of more than 90% among the major search engine providers. They process over 1.2 billion requests per year. Google has changed our lives forever. It’s hard to imagine a world without Google today. Billions of people use Google every day and, when asked, they would say they know everything about the search engine but do they? Well, in this article we explore the Best Google Tricks of 2020 that you should try.

google 2020 tricks

It’s a fact that many people are unaware of the many extraordinary feats Google is capable of carrying out beyond search. For instance, did you know that you can use Google to carry out a variety of activities, from planning and sending messages to position tracking? In addition to the great achievements and goals that bear the name of Google, the company is also known for its fun and simplicity. Google has included Easter eggs, jokes, and a number of hoaxes into its services. Let’s look at the 10 best Google Tricks of 2020 that you should try. Well, you can also check our guide of Google 2018 Tricks too.

These are well-hidden Google tricks. Don’t be surprised that even your sworn die-hard Googlers don’t know them. Some may not work on mobile devices. 

Best Google Tricks of 2020 that you should try

Barrel Roll

One of Google’s most popular tricks is to ask Google to do a barrel roll. Just go to Google search and enter “do a barrel roll” in the search box to see the magic. The page is rotated twice and returns to its original position. Amazing huh!

Atari Breakout

This board game can have hundreds of different versions, but who can ever forget the exhilarating experience of Atari Breakout from the 90s. If you’ve got some time to spare then try it out. Just go to and enter “Atari Breakout” without the quotes. The images will turn into blocks that allow you to play the Atari Breakout once more. Did you enjoy it? Please share your max score with us in the comments below.


Go to Google search and type “Askew” into the search box minus the quotes and see how your page transforms askew. Probably not as fascinating as Google’s other cool stuff, but isn’t it nice to see the world’s leading search engine title a little on your desktop?


You probably understand what recursion means especially if you’re from the technology world. This is an excellent Google trick for the tech-oriented types out there. All you have to do is enter “Recursion” into Google search and you get pretty much stuck in this perpetual loop similar recursion. So every time you enter the word in the search box, Google will ask “did you mean recursion?” it doesn’t stop. Well, it might be boring for the rest of us but definitely something the techies amongst us need to check out.

Google Gravity

Gravity also works well on the Google homepage. How about for once make Google fall down on your knees. Just type “Google Gravity” on the search page and click the “I’m feeling lucky” button. This brings up a fun project called Google Gravity. It’s a Hi-Res Chrome experiment.

A lot of users (probably even you will) don’t realize that search functions work even after implementing the trick. It might get tricky locating the menus though 🙂


If you’re a Marvel fan then you’re going to love this trick. All you need to do is search Thanos on Google and it opens up Marvel’s supervillain biography on the right side of the search page.


This is a classic dad joke that ran out of flavor. Nonetheless, it’s going to make you laugh. Our favorite one comes from the developers at Google. To see it just enter “Anagram” into search and Google will ask if you meant “Nag A Ram”, this word is completely made up. You won’t find it in the dictionary. It’s just an anagram of the word anagram, do you get it now? 

Zerg Rush

To see this trick just enter “zerg rush” into Google search and click “I’m feeling lucky”. What follows next is absolutely amazing. Google’s “O” and “O” will appear at the top right of Google page, descend the page while eating up pretty much everything on their path as they continue with their descend. 

Google Sky

Ahoy! All space fans, this ones for you. In this Google trick, you’re able to fly through deep space while enjoying the astounding views of the galaxies, stars, comets, and pretty much all celestial bodies you can think of. Give it a try now and explore space from the comfort of your computer screen.

Once In A Blue Moon

The blue moon is often a rarity, being the second, third, or fourth full moon of the month. It is less commonly sighted but happens with some regularity. However, did you know that the phrase actually has nothing to do with the moon’s color? 

This happens more or less occasionally so it’s possible to turn this pseudo-period into a frequency normally measured in Hertz. So when you search for “once in a blue moon” in Google you get a frequency which means a blue moon can be seen after every 2.71542689 years. If you don’t see it try typing the phrase in lowercase.

Bonus Google tricks

Google in 1998

Best Google Tricks of 2020 that you should try

Google’s current design has metamorphosed from the original Google design in 1998 when the company was founded. Yes, it’s a retro-style with an exclamation mark, similar to Yahoo. If you want to experience the original Google Design just enter “Google in 1998” into search and you will return to the old Google.


Enter “spinner” into Google search and you’ll get an interactive spinning wheel. You’ll also get a drop-down that lets you set the number of spins your want. You can configure the roulette using the exchange button on the right. Copy the rotation to rotate it. There are other quick tools like runners, color pickers, metronomes, coins, and dice.

And there you have it. Our top 10 best Google tricks of 2020 that you should try. Which one was your favorite? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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