Music studio recording equipment on blue surface

Are you a music fan interested in making your own beats? This guide is for you. In the article, we’ll explore some of the best paid and free beat making software currently available in the market. We will list a wide range of beat making software, from simple applications that can be used by people of any skill level to advanced pro-level programs. The beat making software programs we’ll explore below are cross-platform and some OS-specific. We’ll look at mobile versions and fully online ones too. Let’s get started.

Music studio recording equipment on blue surface

Free Beat Making Softwares

Let’s Make Music (LMM)


This is a free, open-source, and community-driven project hosted on Github. LMMS comes with ready to use content, playback instruments, samples, plugins, and more. This software was developed by musicians for other musicians. It’s a great software for making music and definitely one of the best beat making software we’ve seen.

Version Status: Stable

Core Features/Functionality:

  • Create beats on Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Compose, Sequence, mix and automate beats in the same interface
  • Playback notes via MIDI or typing keyboard
  • Incorporate instrument tracks
  • Fine-tune notes, patterns, chords and melodies

Go to LMMS website 



Audacity is an easy-to-use, open-source software application for recording and multi-track audio editing. This app has proved to be indispensable to many for audio editing and recording tasks and is extremely popular. It’s one of the best beat making software you can get for free.

Version Status: Stable

Core Features/functionality.

  • Use a microphone or mixer to record live audio.
  • Digitize recordings from different media.
  • Combine import and edit sound files.
  • Unlimited delete and redo functions.
  • Visualize and select frequencies in the spectrogram view mode.

Go to Audacity Website

HammerHead Rhythm Station


HammerHead is a free and simple beat making software and drum machine similar to the Roland TR-909. It can be used to create techno loops and jungle patterns, and record your actions to a high-quality, noise-free WAV or RAW file for use with your sampler or sequencer.

Version Status: Stable

Core Features/functionality.

  • Adjust for tempo, shuffle, feedback, and distortion, 
  • Export drum loops by measure or the entire session. 

Go to Hammerhead Website

Musink Lite


Musink is a music-making software package that will transform the way you write music. Write snippets, scores, MIDI files, and books; export your work for the Web; add notations quickly; worry no more about page layouts. Just focus on writing, the software does the heavy lifting for you.

Version Status: Stable

Core Features/Functionality

  • Generate flams, sticking and ghost notes in one click
  • UI with special layout rules for drums
  • Buzz rolls, Drum keys, band and more
  • Record music from electronic MIDI-enabled drum kits with Musink Pro

Go to Musink Website



GarageBand is an audio recording program for macOS and iOS that allows you to create and record your own music. GarageBand’s UI is intuitive and easy to use, which makes it a great choice to create music for a variety of applications removing copyright issues common in prerecorded songs.

Version Status: Stable

Core Features/Functionality

  • Easy to learn and use, a nice collection of in-built lessons for piano and guitar.
  • Tweak sounds or morph to your liking with 100 EDM.
  • Generate a variety of fill and groove combinations via a signature kit.
  • Pre-recorded electronic loops and acoustic can be customized and added to your song.

Go to GarageBand Website



OrDrumbox is a cross-platform, open-source beat making software. This software can automatically compose bass lines, melodic patterns, and complete songs. It comes with rhythms database and sounds database including music items that can be fully edited. And a fully customizable softsynth section adds many synthetics sounds as presets to sounds library. It has a downloadable and online version.

Version Status: Stable

Core Features/Functionality

  • Self-composition.
  • Polyrhythms.
  • Customized arpeggiator.
  • Automatic track/sounds matching. 
  • Custom soft-synths.
  • Low-fi rendering.

Go to Ordrumbox Website



The Hydrogen Drum Machine is a pattern-based, open-source drum machine created by Alessandro Cominu, an Italian programmer going by the pseudonym Comix. It meant for advanced users.

Version Status: Stable

Core Features/Functionality

  • User-friendly UI.
  • Import sound samples via the stereo audio engine.
  • Pattern-centric sequencer.
  • Multiple instrument tracks with mute, volume solo, and pan capabilities.
  • Multi-layer instruments support.
  • Import/export of drumkits.

Go to Hydrogen Website

Drum Flow


DrumFlow is a powerful drum sequencer developed by Nikolai Tikhonov. This software is free to try with a pro version that $35.00

Version Status: Stable

Core Features/Functionality

  • View the modified status via tracking control.
  • Comes with a toolbar with nice graphic buttons.
  • Transfer all information to the clipboard via copy-all command.
  • Playback of a range selection.
  • Specify the region of sequence to play
  • Create complex drum loops, jungle, or breakbeats with ease.
  • Specify your own colors for volume scale

Download Drum Flow Website

FL Studio


FL Studio is a popular Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). This beat making software provides a complete music production environment for hobbyists and professionals. It’s one of the most popular music software used by the most creative artists in the world. It’s available for Windows and macOS and has a trial version.

Version Status: Stable

Core Features/Functionality

  • Generate sequencing and patterns and in seconds.
  • Include melodies and harmony in your production.
  • 80+ plugins are included.
  • Live performance and clip-triggering.
  • Robust MIDI-controller linking options.

Get to FL Studio Website 



This is a cross-platform, open-source, multi-lingual music software similar to Finale and Sibelius, it supports a wide range of audio formats and input methods. Registration is required to share compositions with others.

Version Status: Stable

Core Features/Functionality

  • Supports Input via the MIDI keyboard.
  • It supports several instruments.
  • It offers basic and advanced palettes layouts.

Get to MuseScore Website 

MAGIX Music Maker


Magix Music Maker is an affordable, entry-level digital beat making software that offers a huge range of sound pools from various music genres. The editing tool chest includes a processor, spectrum analyzer, master limiter, infinite cue points, a channel mixer, frequency tuner, equalizer, and effects. It offers a free version with 435 sounds & loops, three instruments & eight effects to produce music. Additional features are available in the pro version. Only available for Windows OS.

Version Status: Stable

Core Features/Functionality

  • Use coreFX 2-Point compressor to remove variations in volume between loud and quiet segments.
  • Set the highest level value for the audio signals.
  • Generate sounds via the expander.
  • Improve dynamics in a song by resetting to the original sound in compressed audio signals.
  • Use coreFX Flanger to generate a time-delayed copy of voice signals, which overlap the original audio signal.

Go to MAGIX Music Maker Website



Soundtrap is a collaborative, cloud-based music recording service that’s now part of Spotify. You can record, edit, and collaborate on any device wherever you go. Even better, all of your projects are stored online.

Version Status: Stable

Core Features/Functionality

  • Generate pro sounds with this robust tool.
  • Modify volume, pan and use of the sweeping effect to your desire.
  • High quality presets and beats.
  • Connect a guitar, microphone or any other instrument.
  • AutoTune feature gives you the ability to modify and pitch your voice recordings.

Go to Soundtrap Website

Splice Beatmaker


Beat Maker allows you to build sequenced beats very quickly by using some top, royalty-free samples from their sample subscription platform. The service offers two plans, free and paid. Try the service with the free version and upgrade for $7.99/MO if you want to unlock advanced features. We’ve seen very positive reviews from users online with comments about this being of the best beat making software currently available, give it a try and let us know what you think.

Version Status: Stable

Core Features/Functionality

  • Enter music contests.
  • Discover interesting projects.
  • Connect with millions of musicians globally.
  • Preview and download thousands of sounds from top artists, producers and sound designers.

Go to Splice Beat Maker Website



Beatwave is one of the best beat making software for iOS, it has an intuitive interface which makes it easy to create amazing music. Mix and loop your arrangements to create the perfect song. The Beatwave grid lets you construct beats and melodies easily. It’s completely free. 

Version Status: Stable

Go to Beatwave Website



Ardour is a digital audio workstation. You can use it to record, edit, and mix multi-track audio. It is amongst the best beat making software available. It is easy to use which means even a novice can easily get started creating beats with this software.

Version Status: Stable

Core Features/Functionality

  • Import a video track and easily extract the soundtrack from it.
  • Display the timeline of video frame by frame.
  • Configure/customize your system in different ways.
  • Get video decoding, video monitoring, and Ardour audio in a single software.

Go to Ardour Website

Ninja Jamm

Ninja Jamm-screenshots

Ninja Jamm is made for Android and iOS. The software allows users to load up tune packs from the Ninjas catalog. Buy the catalog can be through the app. It’s an awesome app and among the best beat making software, we’ve come across.

Version Status: Stable

Core Features/Functionality

  • Make your own music with an intuitive interface.
  • Put effects like filter and echo on the sounds by moving the circle.
  • Record what you’re doing and save it.
  • Share compositions via email and or social media.

Go to NinjaJamm Website

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