Tired of remembering different passwords for different services? Or you have been hacked several times for using a lame password? Now you can use Softwares and Apps called Password Managers to overcome this issue.

A password manager will store, generate and can manage different passwords for different sites or services. A particular Password Manager may also come with various features not available in other Password Mangers like storing passwords on cloud so that you can access your passwords securely on any device on the go.

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Best Password Managers For Your PC and Mobile

Here we have made a list containing several Password Managers with their various key features.

Dashlane 4 – Official Site
Dashlane Logo - Best Password Managers
Its free service allows you to stores your passwords in its Windows Software, Mac software and Android app. Its paid version includes support for account backup, web access and synchronization among various devices like your Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, etc. It also includes a feature called Digital Wallet that securely store your payment types in its online wallet. It automatically saves receipts and screenshots of your purchases.

LastPassOfficial Site
LastPass Logo - Best Password Managers
It comes a free and premium version. In free version you can use autofill, store passwords for different accounts and access your account on various devices. It supports almost all major web browsers. LastPass provides apps for iOS, Apple Watch, Android, etc. The premium version removes the cap on the number of devices you can sync to. You can also share your passwords with family, friends and others using LastPass. It protects your account with two-factor authentication.

KeePassXOfficial Site

KeePassX Logo - Best Password Managers

KeePassX is capable of working with user names, passwords and various other information fields. User can add icons and can define titles for entries. Just like others it also has autofill feature. It also provides password quality indicator. You can import and export entries in *.pwm, *.xml nad *.txt extensions. Most importantly it is free and open source! Being an open source program you can also modify it and redistribute it according to the conditions provide at the official site.

RoboFormOfficial Site

RoboForm Logo - Best Password Managers

RoboForm’s free version include access on multiple computers and mobile devices. You can sync across devices with any limit. You can choose to store data locally or in cloud. It is an add free software with free technical support. It also has an enterprise version. Its enterprise version contains multi factor authentication and you can create groups with user defined criteria. Its supported platforms are Windows PC and Phone, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux. You can install RoboForm on a USB device too. If you need a portable password manager then RoboForm is a pretty good choice.

Intel’s True KeyOfficial Site

True Key Logo - Best Password Managers

It comes with features like facial recognition, top notch multi factor authentication, master password, password generator, etc. It is supported on Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Because it’s a product of Intel you can trust it with your information and its technology. And its FREE!

More Password Managers with features as above or different are listed below

1PasswordOffical Site

Password Boss – Official Site

Yubico Password Manager – Official Site

Zoho VaultOfficial Site

LogMeOnce Password ManagementOfficial Site

PasspackOfficial Site

Keeper Password Manager & Secure Digital VaultOfficial Site

Sticky PasswordOfficial Site

If you are still not sure that you want to use a Password Manager. You can always use and manage passwords for various sites using the browser’s built-in password management program. Google Chrome and Firefox has some pretty neat and nice password management features.