Rabbit or Rabb.it was a popular video streaming website and mobile application. Unlike other streaming services like YouTube or Netflix, Rabbit didn’t host the streaming media. Instead, they streamed it from a virtual computer (Rabbitcast) with a browser. Rabbitcast was used to navigate to other websites and content. The service enabled the users to watch contents in a group. sites like rabbit

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A user (or a host) could create a room, invite friends or make it public; they could share content using Rabbitcast or using the Chrome extension Share on Rabbit. The service was finally shut down by July 31, 2019, due to lack of funding. The service had some game-changing features for streaming content from the web. So even though it is being shut down, streaming platforms are now trying to implement these features. So, in this article well have a look at some of the Rabbit alternatives that are available.

Best Rabbit Alternatives you should try

Netflix 2020

It is one of them or the most popular streaming service out there. Netflix Party is a new addition to the Chrome Extension Store, and it clearly made news for being one of the best Chrome Extension of the year. The service comes with a couple of features. It allows the user to synchronize the stream and stream the content together with friends and family.NetFlix is the best rabbit alternative

These are some of the notable features of Netflix Party.

  • It works with Hulu, Disney, and HBO.
  • Live synchronization of videos.
  • Chat with messaging.
  • One-click installation.

NetFlix Official Website


Tutturu is very similar to Rabbit when it comes to features and services. It’s a shared streaming service that lets the user invite others into the party. The users can visit any streaming website, there are no restrictions.Tutturu

Tutturu offers the following key features.

  • Private rooms and Virtual browsers.
  • Remote passing; Which lets you browse interactively with your friends.
  • Audio and text chat.

Tutturu Official Website


That is an excellent name for something like this, isn’t it? The service comes with the following features.Watch2Gether

  • Invite and stream contents with your friends and family.
  • Create chat rooms for free without any signing up.

However, streaming platforms are a limitation to Watch2gether. It only supports YouTube,
Amazon, Facebook, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, which is enough for many but not for the most.

Watch2gether Official Website


It is a mobile app for both iOS and Android. It was designed with a vision to share with anyone, anywhere, anytime.AirTime - rabbit alternatives

Some of the features of the service are.

  • Share with your friends anything, anywhere and at any time.
  • Stream video and music from supported platforms.
  • Group Video calls and messaging with up to 10 friends.
  • Support for YouTube and Spotify.

Airtime Official Website


Another one which doesn’t require you to sing up to enjoy the party, also there are no fancy installations this time. Others can join your room instantly with just a URL, and of course, you can restrict it as you wish. Public chat is also supported with the integrated Discord chat.


  • Share screen or browser tab for watching Netflix/Amazon Prime/Twitch or anything on
    the screen/browser tab
  • Watch synced local video files
  • Watching synced YouTube videos
  • Play a wide variety of games Kosmi is also developing their own SDK with which developers can come up with their own experiences to run inside the rooms.

Kosmi Official Website

So, which platform did you think is the best Rabbit alternative?

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