Best Wallpaper Apps for Android Phones in 2021

Modern smartphones with large and beautiful displays look more attractive with beautiful HD wallpapers. Finding the wallpapers for your Android smartphone is not that tricky. There are tons of websites and apps which do the task. Also, one can now simply download the backgrounds from Google search engine.

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In most of the wallpaper apps, you will find similar images which you can easily get on Google. Most of the apps are free to download although some might require a small fee to download the certain wallpaper category. To make things easy and find the best what you are looking for, we will share some best wallpaper apps for Android Phones in 2021.


Abstruct is one of the new apps and is better than most on the list out there. With a variety of abstract wallpapers in the various colors you will get about 300 backgrounds in 4K resolution. We expect many more to come soon as time passes. The premium version of the app is available at $1.99. You can get the wallpapers for free from OnePlus devices. As the app is developed by Hampus Olsson, the designer for wallpapers for all OnePlus Smartphones.


The app with over 100,000 wallpapers and adding every day. Resplash is the new wallpaper app on the platform with high-quality wallpapers for your Android Smartphone. With all images of high quality, the app also uses a clean UI which makes it easy to use. App also uses the hashtag mechanism to find the related images. The app even comes with some light customization features like dark-mode. Resplash is free to use where you can use any wallpaper from thousands of images free of cost.


Tapet is the wallpaper app that will allow you to create your own wallpaper. You will just have to choose the design and color and the app will make a unique wallpaper for you. For quality and resolution, the app will use the screen resolution of your smartphone. Additionally, the app comes with Meizu support, a download function, and more. The app comes with a customized pattern where you get limited patterns for free, and you will have to pay some fee for particular categories.


Creative is a comparatively new app that has rapidly become more popular. With unique and beautiful wallpapers, the app provides a collection of ringtones for your Android smartphone. The interesting feature which you get in the app is, that you can also share the wallpapers/images. Every day the app is updated with unique wallpapers with HD quality. Additionally, you will not have to pay a single penny to add the wallpapers.


Walpy is the most emerging platform to choose high-resolution wallpapers. In this app, you will get a bunch of wallpapers that change at various points in the day. But the changing of the wallpapers does not rely on the timer like the wallpaper does not change when the phone is on charging or connected to Wi-Fi. Most of the wallpapers are photographs, so you will not see the abstract or anything on the app. 

Without affecting the battery of the smartphone, you will see unique wallpaper addition every day. Walpy has a wide range of wallpapers on the app called, which was one of my favorite apps on the Google Play Store. Walpy will allow you to adjust the wallpaper automatically without even looking at it. Every time you open the phone with Walpy, you will see a unique wallpaper. From this app, you can also download the photos and change the background daily. You just need to sit and watch the phone update every day with high-quality wallpapers and you are not going to get bored with your phone.


Zedge is another app with ringtones and wallpapers for Android Smartphones. This application comes with a variety of black pictures which you will not find anywhere on the internet. You can search for wallpapers by name and some of them appears in the feature when you open the app. The app is very unusual, but you will get nice and beautiful images on the platform. Millions of people love this app and its stuff.

You can get millions of wallpapers that change every month. The app will automatically change the wallpaper every day. The HD wallpapers on the app are absolutely free of cost.


An excellent app with a bunch of high-quality wallpapers from independent artists. Walli selects the top photographers from all over the world with the best artwork. Also, to encourage the artists the app shares the percentage of earnings with them. The app comes with a simple layout with four categories, i.e., recent, category, Featured, and popular. You can easily browse the image and choose one for your background.

Walli is a good platform where you can also pay for the stuff to support the artists. If you love the wallpapers also you can share them with your contacts.


One of the easiest apps to find for Android wallpapers is WallPixel. The app provides good and high-quality wallpapers for every smartphone. The app comes with several categories where you can choose which you like. So, this is the place where your search for wallpaper might end. Wallpixel has the 4K and 1080p wallpapers which are adding every day. In this app to you can download the wallpapers and the app allows you to create your own wallpaper.

Meizu Live wallpapers:

Another self-changing wallpaper app with thousands of wallpapers. Meizu Live wallpaper is the best app for free wallpapers for your Android smartphone. The app comes with cool Android wallpapers with 500 fire papers. Meizu will change the wallpaper every day according to your smartphone until you change the settings.

You will have to send a bokeh effect to your wallpaper, to view the home screen clearly. And if you want to look at the real image with blur you can just double click on the button.


One of the best Android Wallpaper app which surprisingly unique wallpaper is Reddit. With multiple resolutions, you can choose your favorite from millions of wallpapers from subreddits. If you are looking for a particular category of wallpaper you can search for one. Due to a large number of wallpapers, you might have to search for a bit longer as all the wallpapers are high quality and you might get confused about which one to select for your smartphone. And for various smartphones like punch-hole cameras, the app provides special wallpapers for them too.

Most of the wallpapers on the apps are free but you will have to pay a fee of $2.99 per month for special categories.

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