best wifi analyzer apps

It can be quite frustrating having your WiFi connectivity get distracted frequently. This issue affects not just the network users, but it’s administrators as well. Imagine trying to stream your favorite show online and all you get is a bad network connection. WiFi analyzer apps for Android are therefore a need to help resolve network issues on your WiFi networks.

best wifi analyzer apps

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However, before you get a Wi-Fi analyzer app, you really need to understand why it is a necessity. A WiFi analyzer app is a necessity for a large number of users. This is because WiFi security is important when it comes to data protection. With an analyzer, you can monitor the status of your network from time to time. Thereby preventing hackers from stealing your data. Also, if you share a WiFi with a large number of people, it might slow your network down. An analyzer might help you detect the problem in time. 

Here’s a list of the best Best WiFi Analyzer Apps for Android you can get. 

Best WiFi Analyzer Apps for Android

Wi-Fi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer gives you comprehensive data of the available wireless networks in a graphical form. It is a free application and its most prominent feature is the ability to analyze channels so as to locate the most suitable and freest for use. Asides portraying identified networks in graphical form, the app displays them to identify signal degradation. Also, the application is able to determine the method of encryption the network uses as well as the IP and the Ad Host properties.  The main advantages:

  • Notifies you of New Access Point ;
  • Measures Internet speed measurement;

WiFi Router Master

If you are looking for a simple and convenient WiFi network analyzer, then the WiFi Route Master should be your choice. It provides you with all the data about the network, Internet speed, available WiFi points close to you, and who uses your network and how they use it. You can also measure the speed of your WiFi connection as well as monitor devices connected to your network. With the WiFi Router, you can access the different log files of your router.

  • Information of Access Points close to you
  • Gives the complete data of your network 

Wi-Fi Monitor 

WiFi Monitor has an attractive user interface that offers its users multiple tabs. This powerful WiFi network analyzing app comes with a chart tab. The charts include the signal strength chart which enables you to find areas of weak signal and the speed chart gives you data on outgoing and incoming data. Other tabs include the connection tab, channel tabs and network tab. With the connection tab, you get data of available WiFi networks around you. On the other hand, the channel tab enables you to monitor Wifi channel traffic distribution. You can also analyze the networks available using the network tab.

  • Multiple tabs
  • Charts available 

Wifi Data 

WiFi Data helps you to maintain detailed checkups on the status of your wireless network. The app helps you to analyze the Wifi networks around you as well as the signal strength of your network. Its user interface is friendly and easy to use. Its interface includes four tabs, signal tab, channels tab, connection tab, access point list. 

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Fing – Network Tools

This all helps you access your network security, detect intrusions and fix underlying issues. It is a universal Android app for searching wireless network parameters. It displays a complete list of the devices connected to your wireless devices including their names, IP address, etc. It works in automatic mode and can monitor the network in its offline tracking mode. The app also allows your network scan for home and work networks. 

  • Provides details of the LAN/WiFi devices connected to it. 
  • Offline tracking mode activated

The WiFi Warden 

This App analyses the entire WiFi network including

the encryption used modem identification, frequency, security type, and more. By default, it checks for vulnerability in the network and avoids it. It also generates strong and complex passwords to protect your network. However, to recover password, you may have to root your android using BusyBox. 

  • Provides all the data about the network.
  • Generate strong and complex passwords.

Wi-Fi Expert 

If you are looking for a tool to analyze and troubleshoot your WiFi networks, then Wi-Fi Expert is your go-to. The app is used for scanning and displaying the information on available networks. It also displays signal strength analysis and shows data interference from other channels. It can showcase useful information to help you troubleshoot your Network. This means the app provides the network SSID, AP/Router provider, encryption type, IP address, etc.

  • Displays the gateway or DNS servers. 
  • Provides room for troubleshooting.

Network Signal

This app allows the users to view the data that is currently being used by the Wi-Fi network. Its interface is user friendly making it a useful tool. Also, the app gives you essential data of your Network such as WIFi network name, Wifi data transfer speed, Gateway IP address etc. The app has a free version and a paid version. 

  • The paid version has no ads
  • User-friendly interface


Scan Wi-Fi allows you to scan the Wifi networks close to you. It also provides 2.4GHz and 5GHz scanning as well as displaying accurate data on available access points. 

ScanFi also displays data on hidden access points, shows the graphical representation of your network activity. 

  • Converts android devices to WiFi analyzers.
  • Graphical representation of data 

Finding the perfect WiFi analyzer app isn’t that difficult. All you have to do is to find the app with the features that suit your device and need. So, when you look at the WiFi Analyzer app we have reviewed above, you should find one that suits your needs perfectly. So long as the desire is to protect your WiFi from hackers and monitor your data, there is an app for you. 

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