Now Hackers Can Copy Your Fingerprint From A PhotographNow Hackers Can Copy Your Fingerprint From A Photograph

Fingerprint Hacking? The majority of users are having a habit of posting photos and their recent activities in social media platform but have you ever thought twice before posting a photograph. A photograph can reveal your vulnerable data and your personal identification. Some of the peoples even post the copy of flight ticket.

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You should always be aware while posting a sensitive picture on social media sites. The researchers have disclosed that a sensitive picture can reveal your personal identification and private data. They have experimented that a photo with peace sign can reveal your fingerprint data and used by the hackers.

Many phones, laptops, PC’s and bank related apps have fingerprint password feature. So, if you are posting a picture in which you are showing peace sign then, be careful and think twice.

The Researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Informatics (NII) have said that your fingerprints can be effortlessly rebuilt from your peace sign photos by the hackers. The photos clicked from three meters away and have clear view can reveal your fingerprint with no use of highly developed equipment.

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In an interview with local newspaper Sankei Shimbun, the security and digital media researcher of NII, Professor Isao Echizen said that showing a peace sign while taking a picture can make the hackers rebuilt your fingerprint.

Robert Capps, from Biometrics Company NuData Security, said that we leave our physical biometric information like a fingerprint on the whole thing we stroke, post pictures on social media websites and also in some videos along with our friends and relatives.

This biometric information can be taken and retail in the Dark Web and will be used by the hackers to get into user’s accounts and can reveal your identification.

The researcher of NII had found a key for this scam. They have invented a transparent film which can be put on to finger for safeguarding your fingerprint from the hackers. This film is prepared with titanium oxide which avoids your fingerprint from being mocked.

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So, better be careful when giving a pose in a photograph or posting this kind of photographs on the social media websites.

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