The Bitcoins owners will be shocked to know that the cryptocurrency Bitcoin mounted above $1000 and this happened for the first time in last three years. In 2016, all top currencies issued by central banks with a 125% rise. This might be a New Year revelation for all the Bitcoins owners.

Bitcoin is a web-based cryptocurrency. It doesn’t have any middle power. It depends on thousands of computers across the world that authenticates transactions. It inserts new bitcoins to the system and has to leap 2.5% to $1,022 on the Europe-based Bitstamp exchange, its maximum ever since December 2013.

The past of Bitcoin, digital currency is unstable. In 2013, the immediate rise to $1,100 resulted in a stable condition in these three years. In 2016, the usage in day totalled to 10% and that is highly unstable for the official currencies. In 2013, the difference was 40%.

Previously, after the decrease of a 7% annual worth of the yuan, the demand for Bitcoin was improved in China. Since 20 years Asian currency didn’t give good execution in this field. Bitcoin is most popular in China. In 24 hours 5 million bitcoins were produced while according to Cryptocoin in this spin of the year nearly 38 Billion yen produced (~$3.2 Billion).

As we all know that last year, Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi forbidden and isolated all high-denomination currency notes from usage. This is result in not having sufficient production of cash in India. Thus, this also became the reason of less usage of Bitcoin in India.

Bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency. There are some other cryptocurrencies which have become popular in last year. Some of these are Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, and Dash etc. The Bitcoin is used to transfer money one place to another instantly and this is not an issue to the power of any central bank or monetary unit.

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