Blackberry Stops Making Phones, Moved To Android PhonesBlackberry Stops Making Phones, Moved To Android Phones

Blackberry Stops Making Phones, Moved To Android Phones

The BlackBerry Smartphone is not alive: may BlackBerry Smartphone stay long. BlackBerry contracted to authorize the brand to handset the company TCL. Now the Chinese company is going to create BlackBerry handsets and sell the handsets in future.

These handsets will be available worldwide excluding India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. It has been also attacking local licensing contract. The two BlackBerry handsets the Android-based DTEK50 and DTEK60 are now being invented by TCL which is a challenging subject for them.

BlackBerry took a straight way for producing its handset whereas Nokia set the exhibition area early years of this century. When Nokia Smartphone made business with Microsoft, the Microsoft Company gave the entry to Nokia brand in the middle stage. at an earlier year when Nokia got it name, Nokia swiftly decided 10-year license to HMD Global. As it apply its name on a new Smartphone.

Since both the phone were unsuccessful in the mobile market because of the change in the Smartphone. Nokia was very late to make the real substance of touch on the phone, and then making a bet at the incorrect operating system. BlackBerry also accepted that after having the safe operating system than android its handsets would never race without the app developers. Instead of BlackBerry OS or Windows Phone now HMD and TCL are making bet on Android.

TCL when raising from the dead from the different companies product. It has obtained the Smartphone which firstly fits in French telecommunications Alcatel manufacturer. TCL said that this is the number four phone in North America. It is on its way with 70 million phones to be shipped this year whereas half of them are Smartphones.

Now TCL has handed over the duty of design, manufacturing, marketing and supporting the phones to BlackBerry. As BlackBerry employs are not just sitting like that. TCL will increase its group of security software and services for future phones. TCL doesn’t talk about DTEK50 and DTEK60 for now but it has a strategy to declare in the next few months.

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