Do You Know Why Bluetooth Is Called BluetoothDo You Know Why Bluetooth Is Called Bluetooth

Do you know how and why major technology companies decide a name for the company or a product? You might have wasted much amount of your time, so do you know how and why major technology companies decide a name for the company or a product? You might have wasted much amount of your time thinking why and also assumed many things which give a meaning out of the name.

But here is the truth, Deciding a name for the company or a product ain’t an easy task. They have to think about all the attributes and the sense in it so that the name is catchy and makes perfect sense. Here is how some of the companies decide, They just take a keyword and then find similar rhyming words in order to fix both the words and combine them. By doing this they get a word which is catchy and sounds good with perfect sense.

Well, that is not what exactly happened with Bluetooth. Yes, the word is mostly misunderstood by people also the majority of people relate it to a blue color of teeth. Sounds funny but the reason behind the name is completely different and if you’re looking for the genuine reason why Bluetooth was named so then you are at a right place. Let me start the story, Now you might be wondering why I said that word “story” right? Yes, there is a story behind the name Bluetooth.

Basically when two devices are having a conversation they need to be either wired or wireless. Well till now that’s how the system works. Bluetooth is a wireless signal over which two or more devices can communicate with each other. Bluetooth protocol was created by Ericsson which is a Swedish telecommunication company.

The was named after the Danish Viking king “Harald Blatand”. It’s been said that Blatand has the ability to make people come together and talk to each other, He was very skilled that he was able to unite Denmark and Norway together back then.

The actual translation of Blatand means “Bluetooth” so this is how the name Bluetooth for the protocol was named. And the function of Bluetooth is exactly what Blatand did before, make two devices to communicate each other.

The Bluetooth symbol has Harald’s initial inscribed in it. The two lines which are out of the letter B represent H in the language back then. The “H” stands for Harlad and the “B” stands for Blatand. Now you have got the idea why Bluetooth is named as Bluetooth.

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