Facing Slow Wi-Fi Internet? Now You Can Boost It Up Using Old FM

Recently, WiFi is a very important portion of working on PC. In some area, WiFi network is very slow due to the large crowded buildings of the society. In spite of using a good WiFi router, you might notice slow network. When WiFi is working and you are watching your favorite song video and suddenly the network slows down. At that moment you might feel miserable watching the buffering on screen.

Limited wireless frequency channels are available which are utilized by WiFi networks to progress the data. These frequency channels are available for everyone. If numerous peoples are using WiFi connectivity then your wifi speed will be intersected and then destroyed.

The people living in buildings and apartment usually face WiFi problems. Aleksandar Kuzmanovic has developed a solution for all your WiFi problems. Aleksandar Kuzmanovic is the associate lecturer of electrical engineering and computer science at Northwestern University. He is working on an idea which will boost your WiFi speed.

Kuzmanovic has found the source of the WiFi problem. He founded that the WiFi devices don’t have the indication aspect of other WiFi devices. The want for synchronization and bond in two WiFi devices results in weak Wi-Fi operation.

The associates have found the latest technique for WiFi devices so that the WiFi devices can correspond with each other. This technique can synchronize WiFi devices without the help of humans and will work from FM frequency.

WiFi devices can synchronize with each other by communicating the data’s from RDS (Radio Data System) data of FM. Kuzmanovic said that WiFi devices can sense a specific replicating arrangement. This is the reason of synchronization of the devices without the help of any third person. The specific RDS signal runs are the starting of replicating in point.

We can conclude that the RDS signals work like a clock for WiFi devices that synchronizes the working of numerous WiFi devices at a time. In a report, this technique was named Wi-FM by some developers and summarized a probable preparation algorithm. Kuzmanovic wants tech giants like Google and Apple to utilize his technique in their operating system. He also wants this technique to be spread worldwide.


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