In a news report, Mukesh Ambani said “Each society gets few chances to change its future. I believe India’s is today”. Through Reliance Jio he aimed to enhance the future of India. In this mobile revolution, Reliance Jio helped the students as well as the business man’s through its high speed and unlimited internet, free SMS and voice calls.

The Reliance 4G LYF smartphones are attracting the customers these days. Because of these awesome services provided by Reliance Jio, the users of Reliance Jio are expecting something bigger this time.

Broadband Services To Be Launched By Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio is going to launch their Broadband Services which is known as Jio GigaFiber. According to the reporters, this plan will offer upto 1Gbps or 120Mbps speed internet but the usage is not unlimited. The plans will start at Rs. 500. According to a plan, you can get 600GB for 30 days at just Rs.500. Jio broadband services will be launched in approx. 900 cities and towns. FTTH is the set-up which

Jio broadband services will be launched in approx. 900 cities and towns. FTTH is the set-up which is installed in ever users house or working place through an optical fibre straight from a central point. GigaFibre is offering 90 days free high-speed internet.

Already we came to know about the Jio fibre.  Jio fibre has three plans they are Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These plans are applicable for the new connection of Reliance Jio fibre broadband. From the Jio Premium apps, a user can get the Jio fibre plans usage for free.

According to rumours, this plan could be launched in the starting of 2017. Because of the plans and the high-speed internet of Jio sim, the users are really looking forward to the cheapest plans and higher data usage. By reading this news we can conclude that this time Reliance Jio’s ambitions are higher in the field broadband services and we hope it will win the race of the biggest Broadband service.

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