A Bug On Google’s Login Page Can Lead Users To Automatically Download MalwareA Bug On Google’s Login Page Can Lead Users To Automatically Download Malware

There is a bug on Google’s login page, And this could allow hackers to download the files on your computer automatically whenever you try to sign in. Recent reports have confirmed that google is not safe now. Aidan Woods who is a British security researcher have actually found this issue in Google’s sign in page.

Basically what happens is, In the login page Url of Google, It allows “continue=[link]” as a parameter. Which guides the google server where to redirect the user after the process of authentication. So Google has predicted that this parameter may be a problem in the case of security issues so they decided to limit its usage for only to Google.com.

The problems which the user may face is that the hacker can upload malware on the users Google Drive, Which will eventually corrupt the operating system of the computer. And this could happen to Google docs. Users will be fooled by receiving some links which will appear like they are from Google URL.

But when the user access this link and logs in the page then, automatically the files will be downloaded without any grant permission option on the users PC.

Senior Director of Google Woods said, “He attempted to notify Google’s security team of the issue, but they closed all of his three bug reports he opened to let them know about the bug”.

Also on his block Below there is Google’s final reply,

“ Thanks for your bug report and research to keep our users secure! We’ve investigated your submission and made the decision not to track it as a security bug. This report will unfortunately not be accepted for our VRP. Only first reports of technical security vulnerabilities that substantially affect the confidentiality or integrity of our users’ data are in scope, and we feel the issue you mentioned does not meet that bar 🙁 ”

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