Buy HP Laptops In 2016 And Make Payment In 2017Buy HP Laptops In 2016 And Make Payment In 2017

As we all know on 8th November 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Rs500 & Rs1000 note as illegal tender.

After this news, there was a big rush in the bank & ATM. All the citizens of India are facing difficulties in the transactions of money. We are only allowed to withdraw Rs.2,500 only (in a day) from banks & ATM.

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Buyers dont need to pay for the EMI, they can pay the rest amount soon after January 2017.

In this case, on Friday the Director of HP Company, Ketan Patel declared “To give the hp notebooks for zero interest”.

He did this announcement because he wants his customers to get stress free experience in purchasing Hp laptops. Currently, you can buy a brand new Hp laptop from your nearest Hp stores and pay the amount next year.

This scheme is available in 1,100 Hp stores throughout the country. Check out your local area HP retailer or distributor for more.

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For purchasing of HP laptops you have to keep certain points in mind:

1. You can only buy the laptops launched in 2016.
2. If you will not pay the cost price of the laptop in January 2017 then you have to pay EMI.
3. The opening amount is Rs 23,190 of the notebooks.

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This scheme covers HP notebooks with the starting price of Rs. 23,190 and will be available at designated 1,100 HP stores including exclusive HP World stores across the country. The scheme will remain applicable until November 30. So hurry up grab your laptops now.

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