Google Drive allows you to download, share, and collaborate on the files with many people on a single platform. Sometimes, the files get large or you have to upload the big files to Google drive and mostly you run out of the usage limit. When you run out of usage you get the error, “Download quota is exceeded.”

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In this article, we will cover some workarounds so you can avoid this error.

Reason for “Download quota is exceeded Error”

Your google drive account comes with limits as below, (But most of the users never hit the limit).

  1. Upload limit between My Drive and share drives for every day is 750GB.
  2. After hitting the mark of 750GB, you are not allowed to upload files.
  3. A single file upload cannot exceed the limit of 5TB. 

There are no download limits for a file. But if the file is shared with a large number of people, and they download it in a short period, the file will be locked by Google for any more downloads for 24 hours.

This will be a reason you will get the “Download Quota is exceeded”. As you cannot predict how many people have already downloaded the file.

How the Download Quota of Google Drive works:

Sometimes you try to download the shared file, but you get a counter with two errors for the daily download limit for shared files. The first one is “Download Quota exceeded” and the second is “Sorry you can’t view or download this file at this time”. Again the problem is many people might try to download or view the file at the same time.

Also, some people try to share the links of pirated movies and music through Google Drive. So Google recognizes the links and bans the users from using Google Drive. 

How to bypass Google Drive Download Limit:

If you get the error “Download Quota is Exceeded”, you can still download the file. To do so, you will have to change the google drive account you download it from to your own. 

To proceed to this, you will have to save a copy to your Google Drive account first.

  1. Make sure you are already signed into your Google Drive account.
  2. Secondly, select the file you want to download. If already signed in, google drive will open a file inside your account. On the top, it will show you that a copy of the file is added to your account. 
  1. Now in Google Drive folder select File > make a copy and save the copy of the file.
  2. Select the folder where you want to save the copy and select the select button and click OK.

This process will help you to move the file to your Google Drive from the original account it was shared. This will not show the technical file download, as your Google Drive is also on Google’s server.

Now the file is on your account and you can download this easily to your computer without any error.

Download the file from Your account:

Visit the folder where you made the copy of the file. Now you can download the file to your computer with the right-click and selecting download.

The file will appear in the download area of the browser when download. Now right-click on the file and you can select download and choose the format you want to download the file in.

How to Fix the “Download Quota is Exceeded” error if you are the owner:

If you have shared the file with many people from your Google Drive, the fix will be different for this error.

The error appears as many people might have downloaded the file which blocks the future download. So, the block is only against the file, but not against your Google account.

So, you can download any other shared file. Now, if you turn the blocked file into a different file, the download starts working again. You will just have to make a copy of the file by right click on the original file and select Make a Copy.

A new file with the name “A copy of” in front of the original filename appears. The file will be shared with the same people that got blocked. But now you can limit the number of people who can download the file.

To do the same, click the file and select Share.

If you’ve provided access to this file to anyone on the internet with the link, it may be worthwhile to change this to Restricted instead.

In the Get Link section, select Change.

Use the dropdown to change this setting to Restricted.

Now you can select the Share and add emails or groups you want to give access to to download the file.

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