Cameroon Hometown Nji Collins Gbah 17-Year-Old Google Coding WinnerCameroon Hometown Nji Collins Gbah 17-Year-Old Google Coding Winner

Google Coding Winner Has No Internet In His Cameroon Hometown

Nji Collins Gbah is a seventeen years boy. He is the winner of Google’s yearly coding contest. He is known as the earliest African champion in Google Code-in. He is a winner among 34 grand prize victors of the contest.

The students between the ages of 13 and 17 can participate in this contest. The contest is not limited to certain cities or states. Students from any country can participate in this contest held by Google. 2016 Winners List.

Nji Collins Gbah resides in Bamenda, Cameroon. Presently, lives with his cousin’s in Yaounde. He has to shift from his house to his cousin’s house because the government has disconnected internet connection from his homeland, Cameroon.

After one day of Google’s contest Code-in’s last capitulation, the internet was disconnected from his town. In an interview with BBC, Nji said that he acquired intelligence in programming for two years and hence, he was successful to become a champion. In the entire five groups lay down by Google, he was successfully able to clear 20 tasks.

He further added saying that the Government’s action stunned him. His diligent of two years of writing various code words were not worthwhile. The people of Cameroon have many issues with the Government. The official language of the town is English, but the government is not declaring English as the formal language of Nji’s town.

17-Year-Old Google Coding Winner Has No Internet In His Cameroon Hometown
17-Year-Old Google Coding Winner Has No Internet In His Cameroon Hometown

In the earlier period, road objection and strikes by teachers and lawyers in the town. The government reacted with detaining and alert citizens of prison terms for using the social media platform in an unpleasant way. The citizens think that the disconnection of the internet is also a reaction to the objection and strikes. The halting of the internet is like a penalty for them.

Nji said that he wants the government to give the connection again. The Internet is very useful for him as it connects him from Google. He wants to carry on his study and internet helps him to do so. He also wants to complete his schooling in Bamenda. In future, he wishes for studying computer science in a reputed academy.

Nji is allowed to live in Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters for four days. He also wishes to work in that place for a day. He is a person with a big goal, but fewer desires. He should not suffer a loss in his studies because of the disconnection of the internet. His ultimate aim is a higher and advanced meant for data transfer and storage.

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