Canadian Police Wants People To Reveal Their Passwords To Law

With the growing of crime, The technology is very helpful as a helping hand to solve all the cases which involve any tech gadget involved in it. Also, A murderer or a thief can be traced with the help of GPS.

But what if the government is asking more than just a little security? Recently in Canada, the police chief’s raised a new demand for a new law which would lead the users of gadgets to reveal their security password with judge’s approval.

The chief’s of police said that the criminals are using encryption method to hide the illicit activities. They passed a resolution asking for the legal method to unlock digital evidence, which can make you reveal your security pin if you’re asked to.

At present, there is no such law which gives the authority to police or any chief to ask the user to reveal their phone’s password when they are involved in an investigation. Recently Joe Oliver who is the RCMP assistant commissioner told a few words in conference regarding this topic

Oliver said that criminals who are from child abusers to mobsters — are operating online in almost complete anonymity with the help of tools that mask identities and messages, a phenomenon police call “going dark”. “The victims in the digital space are real,” Oliver said. “Canada’s law and policing capabilities must keep pace with the evolution of technology.”

A spokesman for OpenMedia David Christopher said the chief’s proposed password scheme is “wildly disproportionate,” because in the case of a laptop, or the computer it would mean handing over the “key to your whole personal life,” OpenMedia is a group that works to keep the Internet surveillance-free. The consultation will run until Oct 15.

In June 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada clearly stated that police must have a judge’s authorization in order to obtain customer data linked to online activities when it is needed.

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