How to Capture 360 Degree Photo And Upload On Facebook By Android And iOSHow to Capture 360 Degree Photo And Upload On Facebook By Android And iOS

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Facebook recently rolled out support for 360-degree photos and joining in is simple as long as you have a smartphone and the right app – these immersive, spherical stills let you peer in any direction rather than just looking at a flat, two-dimensional image of a scene.

How to capture 360 photo and upload on facebook by android and iOS. Recently Facebook has introduced a new feature of 360 photos and videos. This is pretty awesome because the users get to see what is in the image from various angles. A 360 photo allows you to see the photo from every angle including above, below, behind and next to you.

When taking a 360 photo, the field of view will automatically be set to the middle of the photo and also the same thing is with video. It allows you to see the video from every angle including above, below, behind and next to you. But most of the people are confused about capturing a 360 photo or a 360 video.

Facebook mentioned some 360-Enabled Cameras to create a 360 photo:
1. Ricoh Theta S
2. Giroptic 360 Cam
3. Samsung Gear 360
4. LG 360 Cam
5. IC Realtech ALLie
6. 360Fly
7. Panono

And in the case of iPhone or iPad take a panorama pictures using one of the following:
1. iPhone 4S or newer
2. iPad mini 2 or newer
3. iPad Air and iPad Air 2
4. iPad Pro

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Further, Facebook mentioned couple of Android devices like
1. Samsung Galaxy
Take a panorama picture using one of the following in Surround Shot or Panorama mode
2. Samsung Galaxy S5 or newer
Note 3 or newer

But it doesn’t mean those other android devices cannot capture a 360 photo. You can also capture a 360 photo by using these applications in android like Street View and Google Camera or you could just take pictures in paranoma mode and upload as 360 photos. Take a panorama using Street View, Google Camera, Cardboard Camera or Theta S.

After you have captured a 360 photo upload it just like the normal picture. You can upload a 360 photo the same way you’d upload any other photo. Facebook also mentioned that “Keep in mind that if you upload a panorama that’s wider than 100 degrees, it’ll automatically be converted to a 360 photo. You can only upload a single 360 photo at a time”.

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