MIJIA Night Light 2 Smart Home gadget officially unveiled for ¥59 (~$8)

Newest version MIJIA Night Light 2 Bluetooth connectivity for smart home integrationtun
Xiaomi Mi TV Pro 75-inch

Xiaomi Mi-TV 4A 60 Inch Revealed Alongside Xiaomi’s 75-Inch Full-Screen TV Pro Launch

Mi Fan festival 2020 is finally here and things were at fever-pitch as Xiaomi unveiled a lineup...

Redmi Band introduced with 1.08-inch display for 99 Yuan (~$14)

Redmi venture into the Smart Fitness Band and wants to make its presence felt.

Chinese Robot Vans Make Deliveries to Avoid Covid 19 Spread

AI autonomous vehicles are becoming ubiquitous but Robot delivery vans are making its presence felt. We will see these robots become more common then the driver-less passenger cars

Moto G8 Power Lite launched featuring mid-range specs for €169 (~$182)

In a bid to expand the Moto G series across Europe, Motorola has launched Moto G8 Power Lite. It is a younger...
growth graph

China’s Retail Sales To Surpass $5.73 Trillion In 2020

Retail sales of consumer goods in China is set to exceed CNY 40 trillion or approximately $5.73...

Wearable Tech Sales in China Exceeds Expectation

Image Credit: Medium.com The increasing number of young, tech-aware consumers in China are turning to smart wearable devices...

ZTE Net Profit Hits Triple Digits In YoY Growth

Image Credit: Wikipedia ZTE has announced that its net profit for the year 2019 was $726 million dollars,...

Alibaba, Baidu and Xiaomi Lead In China’s Smart Home Shipments

Image Credit: statista.com So according to the latest ICD Corporate report on the state of smart home device...