Are US self-driving Cars Lagging Behind China’s Autonomous Vehicles?

Baidus’ Apollo self-driving car logged a record-breaking 0.06 disengagements per thousand miles traveled. Proving Apollo is a safer and more innovative autonomous vehicle than the competition.

Most Innovative Flexible Amoled Folding TCL Phablet and Lenovo Tablap at the CES 2020...

TCL gave a sampling in the CES 2020 of its Flexible Screens phones and showed 3 of its most innovative designs.

China’s Push for Global Artificial Intelligence Domination

We are seeing the steady raise of China’s AI infrastructure to boost its economic power and productivity further onto the next Cognitive...

Will a Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Made Wafer-scale integration Chip Boost AI into Hyper-Speed...

The huge AI chip from Cerebas Systems inside their CS-1 computer will deep learn within hours instead of weeks using a cluster of conventional AI computers.

China Dominates Global 5G Market Share Despite MWC Cancellation

China 5G global dominance is evidenced by both market share and increasing customer demand for the new mobile network and IoT technology.

The Drop of Apple’s Shares Causing To Delay iPhone 12 Release

Apple has been recognized as one of the leading technologies in the industry today. The company started...

COVID 19 Robotic Arm Hopes to Save Lives of Front-line Wuhan Medics

Chinese designed robotic arm by Prof. Zheng Gangtie. To be used by medical front liners.for covid 19 patients at Wuhan Hospital.
Apple Planning To Introduce First 5G iPhone By 2020

Apple Planning To Introduce First 5G iPhone By 2020

5G iPhone: The manufacturing of 5G network has just begun. It seems that we are far away from the next-gen network infrastructure. Although, the...
Is Google Planning To Introduce “Play Pass” Subscription Service?

Is Google Planning To Introduce “Play Pass” Subscription Service?

Google is planning to introduce a new Google Play subscription feature which will be known as Play Pass subscription service. This service will be...