Technology lovers and computer lovers basically loved to do alteration with their gadgets, and in here we can alter our computer folders by changing their colors!

You have seen the presentation of many computers that shows the designing folders color or any type of folder design which looks attractive to you, So you also want to have a try those this trick which will be awesome for you to show you friends that you have customized your own folders with design and color.

So lets Start the process of doing this trick with very simply way!

First for demo, Create a Folder,

From your web go to here “Black Windows 7 Folders” (But Later You can Download Any type of Folder from your choice)

Black Windows 7 Folders
Black Windows 7 Folders

Now after downloading Extract that File,

Now Go to that Folder where you have created for Demo Right Click on That Folder. Go to Properties and Select the “Customized” Tab.

Customized Tab
Customized Tab

Now browse that extracted folder and select your Icon

Changing the color of your Windows folder in the sense of changing the appearience of your Windows folders, this change can impact on your computer performance, cause may be less performance speed, and using some a bit of graphics does means of less quality performance.

You can still change the folder color in some of the Windows operating system such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and late Windows XP, if you have any doubt in the above tutorial you can ask using the below comment box. This tutorial is How To Change The Icon or Color of your Windows 7 or 8.1 Folder hope you liked it, share our content.

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