Charge Your Smartphone 60% Faster Without Any ApplicationCharge Your Smartphone 60% Faster Without Any Application

We all know that how much we are attracted towards our smartphone, each and every day about 75% time we spend on our smartphones and we barely have time to charge for filling up energy, but we came up with tips for you that can change your style to charge your smartphones or any gadgets.

if you enjoy a lot using your smartphone then you must charge or give your smartphone a proper long life by changing your charging method NOW. There will be no application installation will be required for this, just follow the steps and methods make this thing work perfectly.

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This Trick May or May does not work on Some Devices, we have personally tested this on our device and it works fine for us.

Things you Need:-

1. Android Device
2. A little Bit Patience

Trick 1: The first method is to enable Airplane mode while charging because in aeroplane mode all your network will get stopped, hence consuming less battery and will also increase your charging efficiency. This Simple tweak can charge your Phone 40% faster than in Normal Mode. You must try this trick if you haven’t and do tell us the results.


Trick 2: This Works very efficiently, all you have to do is just Switch Off your Device while charging,This method is most effective when you need to charge your phone’s battery in a short period of time and this method keeps your battery healthy. When you switch off your device the battery consumption becomes Zero and due to that, you can charge your device 60% faster than in Normal Mode.


Trick 3: This is a very important method all you have to do is just turn off mobile data, wi-fi, Global Positioning System(GPS), Bluetooth etc it not only helps you to charge fast, it also prevents the device from Overheating during the time of Charging.


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Trick 4: Never Charge your Phone from your Pc because computer USB port gives less output leading to the slow charging and due to this it charges the phone half the speed.

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