You've Been Charging Your Phone Wrong All The Time

In this firmly fixed world, Where we don’t have a chance to charge our phone properly. We often end up with low battery, The problem is not about you charging the phone fully or just for an hour before the office. The actual problem is something else and you’ve been charging your phone completely wrong way. Today I am here with few lines which might help you to charge your phone properly.

Normally we charge our phone overnight while sleeping, Or like when we are left with 10% of the battery, But in the case of charging a li-ion battery, there are few things you should know which will help you to never run out of battery and to save your battery from minor damages. According to the research from I found some interesting facts about your li-ion battery and you might feel shocked after listening to this.

Researchers say that charging your phone to 100% is not a good thing both for your phone and for your battery too. Li-ion batteries are healthy when charged a couple of times with short timings. Also, don’t let your battery dry to 0% and then charge for a long time. This affects the battery in a very negative way and may cause damage.

Also never over charge your phone, Mostly we leave our phones for charging for several hours and after the battery is charged to 100% the overflow of charge will lead to stress in battery which causes unusual chemical reactions. And may lead to battery damage. Never charge your phone to 100% instead you cam charge to 80-95% and then just unplug it. Also never let your battery run out of charging less than 20% and then charge to 100% continuously.

This tip is for mostly iPhone users and for users who gets their phone heated while charging. Never charge your phone for a long time with the phone case on. Remove the phone case or cover while charging your phone. And avoid hot surroundings while charging your phone.

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