Are Cheap Chinese Phones Providing Better Security And PrivacyAre Cheap Chinese Phones Providing Better Security And Privacy

Cheap Chinese Phones: Cheap Android phones have privacy issues and that too when it comes from Chinese brands. We have read many reports regarding the safety issues of Mi or other low-cost Android phones. So, here the question arises that should you blindly trust any unknown or cheap Chinese phones. In The past July, Russian antivirus company, Dr.Web stated that designs marketed in the Leagoo and Nomu brands include malicious software developed directly in the firmware.

After that Amazon refused to sell BLU devices. It happened after the experts told that malicious adware was developed in the devices. However, Amazon again started the selling. According to Graham Cluley, a security menace expert and blogger “If a person purchases a budget Android phone, then they are in danger of their privacy and safety.” So, you should avoid buying the phones which you are not aware of the brand. You should strictly avoid the $100 unlocked phone instead gather money and purchase a good one.

Are Cheap Chinese Phones Providing Better Security And Privacy
Are Cheap Chinese Phones Providing Better Security And Privacy

If you buy a low-cost phone, then it can empty your pocket in the future. Although, all budget Chinese phones are nor threatening only in you examine it carefully. Smartphones reliable like Lenovo’s Motorola brand and TCL’s Alcatel (based in China) are available to the US at a reasonable price, but they are not involved in any security issue. The first thing to examine is the customer service of the phone you are buying. Study the brand security and privacy conditions carefully. You must know that all phone like Apple, Google and Samsung are manufactured under the guidance of Chinese company. Xiaomi, OnePlus and Huawei phones are also some reputed smartphones from China. The Huawei backdoor proof smartphone is most selling in online stores.

We are discussing this topic because past December, BLU phones was reported for sending users secret information to Chinese servers. The information included the text messages, contact lists and call logs. The issue is now under control of the firm. Smartphones like Leagoo, Doogee, Oukitel, and Homtom and also not a well-known brand which sells lots of Android phones under $100. We cannot blindly trust these companies as they can send personal information to China server or include severe security flaws which could hack your device.

BLU is an American company in Miami which markets phones between $50 to $170. Kryptowire BLU‘s phones are truly copied versions of Gionee smartphones, a popular smartphone brand. BLU fought with Amazon for refusing the selling of its products, which was expected to have adups spyware issues. It was observed for gathering and sending users device location and device information like phone number, serial number, SIM card ID and more forms observing. It was by default necessary for regular operating of devices. It cannot be removed by any spyware removal. Now, Amazon believes BLU so they have again started the sales of their smartphone. The company also has a toll-free support number which can connect you to the company for any problem and blu spyware removal.

You can buy phones under $150 from Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Alcatel, and LG. You might not get amazing specs but at that price, it’s enough. If you don’t believe in security and privacy issue then you can continue buying phones from unknown brands, They come in best designs and specs at a cheap price but can get you in trouble. We have also reviewed many Chinese smartphones which have great features. You have to think twice before getting them in your pocket.

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