Chinese Malware Fireball: After an enormous ransomware attack of WannaCry across the world, now, once again a malware has developed which has affected 250 million computers worldwide. This time the malware comes from China and is known as Fireball.

The Chinese Malware Fireball Affected 250 Million Computers Worldwide
The Chinese Malware Fireball Affected 250 Million Computers Worldwide

The Check Point security firm says that they have detected a malware infection in a tremendous range and with negative possibilities. Check Point security said ‘this malware is the biggest threat in the world ever.’

The producer of the malware is known as Rafotech, a Beijing advertising firm. The malicious Chinese malware Fireball is essentially designed to make fraudulent clicks and traffic. When that software is installed, it redirects a user’s browser to websites which make the same copy of Google or Yahoo search homepages. The copied pages of search engines privately take all the information of the user this whole method is known as tracking pixels.

The Chinese malware, Fireball also shows the rules that consist of additional downloading of wicked software. The Mirai botnet malware attack hit internet service last December which has affected about 120,000 devices. The malware usually attacks devices with a limited strength and devices connected with cameras or routers. Whereas, Fireball aimed at PCs having high energy.

The head of Check Point Research ‘Maya Horowitz’ said, quarter-billion users can become victims of the malware. It installs a backdoor in all the computer which the Chinese people who are behind this attack can easily use. There are 5.5 million PCs in the US, but few of them were affected.

The affected device in India and Brazil was close to 25 million which was very effective. The Fireball acts as an adware which includes the legit digital certificate. It expands on it own by some unique adware technique called ‘Bundling.’

The Fireball can be installed on the PCs including the software. It is very easy to check whether your computer is affected or not. You only have to verify, if the default search engine is changed or not. This way you can find if the computer is affected by Fireball.

It also can be very easily uninstalled by the Adware from programs and features in Windows control Panel. You can also clear this by several Anti-malware programs.

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