Combine Both Facebook Profile And Cover Photo In 2016 TrickCombine Both Facebook Profile And Cover Photo In 2016 Trick

Today’s trick is the fun to show off your friends and relative that you really you combined your Facebook profile as well as the cover photo which will look like you have merged both of them. Facebook no doubt the number one popular social networking site in the world, and having millions of users, so we sometimes often realise to do some experiments and fun with our Facebook profile.

Doing this tricks helps you in front of your friends and relative that you are a techy person and that makes you a bit popular, maybe you can also do that if you are a photo image editor but still it takes a lot of time to adjust and merge these photo to perform in your Facebook Profile.

So We are going to introduce you a trick that will help you to make your combined profile and cover photo. This process is very simple and easy to use when you are going to use a website to perform this steps. SO follow the below steps and external links to make your thing done!

Steps To Combine Your Profile Photo And Cover Photo

Step1: For the first you have to visit Tickedouttimeline.

Step2: Now select the Merge Profile And Cover Photo

Merge Profile And Cover Photo
Merge Profile And Cover Photo

Step3: Just upload any as per your choice of cover photo.


Step4: Now you have to adjust the image just to make sure that your own face is in the left corner.

adjust the image
adjust the image

Step5: After completed. Click on Done.

Step6: You will be prompt to like the official Trickedouttimeline facebook like button, and after you click on Like, you will be unlocked to download both the Profile Image And Cover Photo.

Step7: You can upload both the image to your profile.

You have briefly understood that how can you really merge and combine your bother Facebook profile photo and cover photo.

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Today’s tutorial is How To Combine Both Facebook Profile And Cover Photo In 2016 Trick, if you have any issue with the article or the tutorial then you contact us or you can comment by using Facebook Embed comment box.

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