Companies Are Scrambling to Get This Pint-Sized SupercomputerCompanies Are Scrambling to Get This Pint-Sized Supercomputer

We can’t say that only the technology monster Microsoft, Google and IBM are working with the artificial intelligence; there are more different companies from different sector who gamble on the project of Nip-Sized Supercomputer.

DGX-1, Nvidia’s artificial intelligence supercomputer advertises eight months and attracted almost 100 clients. This proves that almost all companies need this type of project. This artificial intelligence supercomputer is a total resolution for hardware and software we can also say the whole system. If we discuss it, we can assume an area which is full of servers.

The DGX-1 undersized system, which is shorter than the desktops, it looks like a module which has more and more data storage. The size is not a big issue DGX-1 which contain eight powerful Tesla GPUs P100 (Pascal architecture), each with 16 GB of memory HBM2. The system has two Intel Xeon processors, 512 GB DDR4 memory, four SSDs 1.92 TB RAID and power supply 3,200 W.

DGX-1 can get in touch with the 170 teraflops mark (in FP16), the supercomputer Nvidia fruitfully running in difficult function also. The Argonne and Oak Ridge laboratories are using the DGX-1 for investigating the reason of cancer and invent many treatments to cure the disease. Loyalty Labs employs researching the supercomputer to invent neural networks that can copy the human brain with accuracy.

The SAP is also using DGX-1 in part of Germany and Israel to invent a learning software system for the users. The processing power of the DGX-1 is the only thing by which companies are attracted but also with the “call, use” style proposal. The companies do not waste their time in configuring servers, installing systems and tuning software.

When we think these things our brain tells us that you are correct, but it’s not. The official rate of the supercomputer is US $129 thousand extremely high-priced. Also, there is the low-priced supercomputer in the marketplace but when a company makes his mind of inventing its own system to work out with artificial intelligence (AI) which will possibly be low-priced for the companies.

This OS is the edition of Ubuntu Server, which comes with the full of meaning of software and advanced equipment for your knowledge. This system is an envelope of technologies such as NVLink, which permit GPUs to connect fast. Nvidia strategy is to introduce the supercomputers for artificial intelligence as soon in2017, though they haven’t given any detail of the device.

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