Which Company's Interviews Are More Difficult To Crack? Facebook, Google, Apple or Dropbox?Which Company's Interviews Are More Difficult To Crack? Facebook, Google, Apple or Dropbox?

Which Company’s Interviews Are More Difficult To Crack: Facebook, Google, Apple or Dropbox? So you have passed out of an engineering college or have done a software certification course! Great! Next what? In the world of growing technology, there are many IT companies to join after your graduation. But the thing is people prefer these 4 major companies like Facebook, Google, Apple or Dropbox to start their career and have a wonderful future.

Since most of the students are not passionate about doing jobs they don’t want to join any company instead they will launch a company. yes, I am talking about start-ups. That is totally a different side of the story, now let me tell you about the people who are willing to join these IT giants. Basically, there is only 1 thing standing between you and your job if you’re worth applying and that is the interview.

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But this is the only thing that tests your creativity from the beginning of your studies. People may graduate without logic, but they can never pass an interview without creativity. So from the above 4 companies which company has the hardest interview to crack. Now whenever you heard the word interview you just wonder about the questions the HR is going to ask. Recently there has been a discussion on this very famous social community known as ‘Quora’ for the upcoming software engineers.

There is a guy on ‘Quora’ named Shankar Joshi, who is a Cloud Engineer at PYPL. He answered about the interview experiences of all the 4 IT companies listed above.

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The question was “Which company’s interviews are more difficult: Facebook, Google, Apple or Dropbox”?

He explained in the comment section saying: I ‘ll try answering it in a different way. The difficulty is a measure that depends on the experience and expertise of the candidate. So let us focus on the overall experience of the interview sessions.

I have interviewed twice with Dropbox. I wouldn’t say it was difficult. But definitely better than any other interviews so far. Because I was clearly able to solve the questions (though with an added time limit) but you need a little more than good practice to get ideas for such questions. Really interesting if you are a big fan of topcoder and the likes. Engineers at DBX are really clear on what they are looking for. You will be able to surely decide if the interview went well or bad even before they get back to you.

Facebook was surprisingly interesting as in the answers to most of the questions were pretty obvious. I personally wasn’t expecting such standards but the onsite totally depends on the team. My experience and few of my friends’ were totally different.

Google. Let’s see. Where do I start ? Do not get surprised if you are going to do great and end up getting no response from them like ever. You can read tons of such bad experiences online. You either end up getting a strange interviewer who doesn’t understand what you say or the other way. I myself encountered three people who had such experiences despite being fantastic coders. All such beautiful things aside, the questions were pretty easy. Onsite and phone.

To sum it up, compared over experiences – DBX > FB > GGL..

Jessica Shu is an intern at Google Chrome also talked about this saying:

“I’ve interviewed with all three, and I would agree with most people that for coding question difficulty Dropbox >>> Google > Facebook.”

However, I did get a Dropbox offer despite missing a concurrency question. They also gave me a really complicated NP problem, which I didn’t realize was NP but managed a working solution while secretly freaking out about why I couldn’t optimize it. Honestly, I almost said “curse it I give up” halfway through that question but I’m glad I didn’t, I think they value persistence and ability to stay cool under pressure.

I also got a Google offer but did not get an offer from Facebook even though I answered the interview questions correctly, so I’m sure there are other factors at play with Facebook’s hiring process.

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