Control Your PC From Android Phone Using Google Chrome Remote DesktopControl Your PC From Android Phone Using Google Chrome Remote Desktop

We all use computers and smartphones daily we all forget some important files on our PC at home and regret it when those files are necessary for a meeting or to share with your friends. In this tutorial, i am going to share a simple trick to control your PC with your android device. I am going to use Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop to control my PC with the help of an android device.

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With the help of it, you can access files like documents, images, videos and much more from your PC via android device. Follow the steps below carefully.

Control Your PC From Android Phone Using Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Step 1: Download Chrome Remote Desktop

In order to control your PC via android, you need to download Chrome Remote Desktop from google play. You can do that by going to Google play and search Chrome Remote Desktop or install the app from here.

Step 2 Open It After Installation

After the app is installed you need to open it and it will show a page like this.


Step 3 Downloading Extension

Now you need to download chrome remote desktop extension. Go to google and type chrome remote desktop extension or click here to go to the page directly. Now add that extension.

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Step 4 Need To Give Permission For Remote Control

Now you need to give permission to “chrome remote desktop” authorize, just click “continue” button.


Step 5 Redirect to chrome signin page

Now you will be redirected to chrome://chrome-signin/ page. Just sign in with a Gmail account. Remember you need to sign in with the same Gmail account that is signed in your android device.


Step 6 The download of exe file will be downloaded

Now after you sign-in, an exe file will be downloaded automatically. After the download is completed install it.

Step 7 Pairing With Smartphone Using PIN

After the installation, you will get a 6 digit pin and this six-digit PIN is the same PIN which will be required as an access key for pairing up with your PC.

Step 8 Start Pairing PC and Smartphone

Now click on chrome remote desktop option on your android device and you will see a computer then click on it and enter the 6 digit code that you found on your computer and you’re good to go.


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This is the best and easy method to remotely control your computer via android device

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