How To Convert Any Photo Into Cartoonish Look Without Using PhotoshopHow To Convert Any Photo Into Cartoonish Look Without Using Photoshop

How To Convert Any Photo Into Cartoonish Look Without Using Photoshop

Image editing is very popular these days. There are many interesting apps available these days which allows you to insert many effects, emojis, layers, clips, layers etc in any photographs you want. Many of you even like to edit your photographs and post it in the social media. Image editing only allows you to do basic things with your photographs but these apps don’t have the capability to match the Photoshop.

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As we all know Photoshop is a software program which permits you to edit photos. It is very popular among the graphic artists, designers, and photographers. By using this program one can improve and boost pictures which upgrade your photographs. This program forms image editing trouble-free and modern. Now you can convert your photos to a cartoon sketch without using the software Photoshop and with a very relaxed way.

In this article, you will find out how to convert your Photo into Cartoon without using Photoshop by using an uncomplicated and comfortable tool which can be effortlessly used online to make cartoonish images. You just have to follow these simple steps given below for converting your picture to caricature.

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1) In the first step, you have to go to the Befunky app site which will allow you to convert your photos to the cartoon appearance.
2) To start editing on this app, firstly you have to upload your image to the app or you can also snap a photo by the webcam, select up the effect from the available list like.
3) Then you have to click on ‘cartoon effect’ present on that app. Once you click on this, your photo will be added to cartoon effect and you will be able to see the same appearance and clarity of cartoon as it will appear on Photoshop.
4) You can also add other features to your photos using the wrap tool which can be used to alter the image.

There are much more apps similar to this app in the internet but Befunky app is very easy and offers extra tools and effects. It provides much stunning clarity and picture quality. So, what are you waiting for, visit and have a magical experience with the Befunky app?

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