Crash Your Friends WhatsApp With A Special Secret Message 2016Crash Your Friends WhatsApp With A Special Secret Message 2016

This tutorial is all about Whats App and in this tutorial we are Going to show you that how to crash whats app application of your friends and this process is very Easy and the best thing about this tutorial is that you can crash the Whats application with a Single Secret message.

During the time of tutorial if you find any queries, then please feel to ask us by simply commenting in the comment box and we will get to you ASAP.

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Things You Need:-

  • Android device(with Active internet connection)
  • Secret message here

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and then Select your Victim’s Number.

Crash Your Friends WhatsApp

Step 2: Open the Special Message from the link above.

Crash Your Friends WhatsApp

Step 3: After opening the message Link, tap on Raw and then copy the whole message and then paste it 4-5 times in the message box and then send it to your victim, Voila You did it.

You can Do the same thing with an application known as WUB. Download WUB from here.

Crash Your Friends WhatsApp

Step 1: After installing the application, open it and Fill maximum number of emojis in text part and in the Amount part write 5000.

Step 2: Tap on Generate and send and choose the victim’s Number and then Send.

Crash Your Friends WhatsApp

Note: This Crash may not work on some device. I have personally tested this it works Fine. Every tutorial in gadgetsay is for educational purpose, we are not responsible for any loss.

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