Mission To Create Human Intelligence Boosting Brain ImplantMission To Create Human Intelligence Boosting Brain Implant

Mission To Create Human Intelligence Boosting Brain Implant

Now, this technology can be of a great help to those people who have a medical conditions like Alzheimer’s or other neurological disorder. The inventions like pacemakers and bionic arms have proved the necessity of the technology in the human life. The main aim of the scientist of medical and technological fields is to invent a technology of implantation which can help in increasing the potentials of a human brain.

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The kernel is on the way being invented into a memory chip which can be implanted in the human brain to function as a restorative implant. This report was kept as a confidential information which soon became widespread. The device is called as neuroprosthetic. This device is meant to help the patients who are going through a brain damage.

In 2016, Kernel was commenced and they had only one motive, to invent world’s first neural prosthetic for human brainpower enrichment. Bryan Johnson was the owner of Braintree and he traded his company to PayPal at $800 million. Afterwards, he commenced the business enterprise finance. Bryan Johnson invested all of his money in the neuroprosthetic project.

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The neuroprosthetic device was invented by the director of the Center for Neural Engineering Ted Berger, at the University of Southern California. In a magazine interview of IEEE spectrum, Ted Berger said “The time has come to invent a medical gadget to develop human remembrance. The device invented by Ted Berger will operate as unnatural neural structure intelligence, a part of the brain that deals with spatial navigation and remembrance. It will enhance the remembrance capacity of the human brain and also the accumulating capacity.

Electrodes will help to verify electrical signals from neurons in the human hippocampus. In this method, they connect signals with studying something new and transform to signals connected with storing data in lasting memory. Ted Berger and his team have produced mathematical models which receive knowledge as an input signal and give the output as memory.

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Electrodes for confirmation the signals and determine the data as a memory and a microprocessor for calculation function will be present in the implanted microchip. This experiment was conducted on a rat and according to Ted Berger this experiment was successful and rat counters to his experiment frequently. According to the research, rats have 200 billion neurons but humans have only 86 billion neurons. The kernel should invent implants with dim arrays of electrodes from obtaining information from more neurons.

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