The Internet has changed the revolution of the world for the last couple of years because back in 90’s it was quite rare to have internet connection in every house. With the growth of technology smartphones, laptops, computers have been introduced and improvised respectively. We all use the internet to do anything online as a matter of fact internet runs everything these days from shopping to transferring money online internet plays a major role.

How To Create A Wi-Fi Hotspot On Your PC Without Router

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In this tutorial, I will share a trick on how to create a Wi-Fi Hotspot on your PC and also share it with other devices like smartphones or other nearby computers. Normally internet sharing is done by Wi-Fi routers but you can share your computers fast internet connection to nearby smartphones or other computers by creating a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot on your computer without a router.

Follow the steps below carefully and this trick works in Windows 7 operating system or above versions of Windows.

Step 1. To get started ou need to open Notepad and copy these 2 commands available below and save this file as wifi.bat in Notepad on your desktop.

Netsh Wlan Set Hostednetwork Mode=Allow Ssid=Wifiname Key=Wifipassword

Netsh Wlan Start Hostednetwork

Step 2. With the help of this file, you can quick launch the Hotspot so keep on your desktop.

Step 3. Now check your internet connection and if it is working properly then double click on the Wi-Fi.bat file that you created and saved on your desktop, It will open the command prompt window and then it will get closed itself automatically in 3 seconds.

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Step 4. Now you need to go to control panel and click on Network and the Internet> Network and Sharing Centre> change adapter settings of your available connection.

Step 5. Right Click on Ethernet and click on properties then you will have to click on sharing tab and click on internet connection sharing. Now click on Allow other network option and click on okay.

That’s it, you’re good to go. Now you can see the Hotspot option in your smartphones and other nearby computers.

In order to stop your Hotspot open notepad and paste, this command

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

And save it as Stop.bat on your desktop. Double click on it to stop your Hotspot.

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This is the best and easy way to create Wi-Fi hotspot on your PC without a router and it works in Windows 7 or above versions of Windows operating system.


  1. after doing all these steps, I am able to create a hot spot but unfortunately when I am connecting my mobile, the only thing “getting IP address” is showing and not getting connected….

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