Cyber War Begins! Pakistani Websites Hacked By Indian HackersCyber War Begins! Pakistani Websites Hacked By Indian Hackers

Indian Hackers Hacked and locked up Pakistani Government websites meanwhile the pak techies are asking to reopen the blocked sites offered to pay bitcoins.

There is a technical war going on between two neighbors as Indian and Pakistan, soon after the claim of Surgical Strike from Indian Officials, The Pakistan Cyber boys Claimed to attack more than 7,000 Indian Websites.

Pakistani hackers hacked many Indian sites with a logo of Pakistan (Pakistan Hacker Group) ‘Haxors Crew‘ and with a song “Ae watan tere ishara aagaya, ar sipahi ko pukar aagaya…” which technically means (In the name of the nation, we’ve received your signal, even soldiers has got his callings)… and next paying text as “tum ne socha tha, hum ne kar dikhaya” which means (You thought and we’ve already done that)…

Pakistani hackers widely threatening  as challenging Indian hackers for a cyber war by saying “We are Unbeatable. You… kill innocent people in Kashmir and call yourself defenders of your country. You violate the ceasefire on the border and call it ‘Surgical Strikes’. Now kiss the burn of Cyber War”

And the next step is taken by Indian hackers as to hit back. as per the officials, Indians hackers already locked up many Pakistani Govt computers, there are large numbers of Pakistani govt and non-govt sites already hacked, the Indian hackers encrypted the sites whole data along with computers.

Pakistani tech guys are unable to decrypt the site data, for that, they has already offered Indian Hackers in exchange of Bitcoins to unlock the sites which have under the authority of Indian hackers.

One of the Indian Black Hat Hacker told Daily Mail, “To unlock their data, techies from Pakistan also paid in Bitcoins but ‘patriotic’ Indians refused to give away the decrypt key to unlock the data. Pakistani officials have been asked to pay the amount again to unlock.”

As per Daily Mail who connected with Indian Black Hat Hacker stated that the Indian Hackers refused to exchange site using bitcoins, which means the site authority and control are still under Indian Hackers.

One Indian hacker told Daily Mail, “Indian hackers are technically sound and can easily spy or steal data from any country. But no one ever tried to bring young talents under one umbrella for information gathering”

Indian hackers claimed they are ready for a massive cyber attack on their neighbouring country as Pakistan, which can destroy their country’s cyberspace.

“Indian hackers just responded after smelling the malicious intention of Pakistani hackers. Techies across the border targeted Indian sites. They are also trying to circulate fake links and videos claiming that India never carried out the surgical strike,” said Kislay Chaudhary, a cyber crime expert.

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