Delete Yourself From The Internet by Pressing This ButtonDelete Yourself From The Internet by Pressing This Button

If you are bored with the internet then for refreshment from daily news updates make your mind up to exit from the internet. If you are not able to decide how to do it then this awesome news will help you to do so. Currently, we all are annoyed with the wicked hackers, fake news, internet abuses etc so let’s take holiday from the internet.

Delete Yourself From The Internet by Pressing This Button is website facility which helps the internet users to remove themselves from the internet. We all are using internet from years hence, there are various websites which we visited like shopping sites, static and interactive sites. We also have accounts in various social media platforms.  If you want to remove yourself from the internet then you just have to visit website and follow some simple steps.

Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck are two Swedish designers who invented this thrilling website ‘’. When you will visit this site you have to first Log in with your Gmail account. Then you can remove all your accounts and the websites which are linked with Gmail account.

You will get the choice of removing the sites which you have logged in using your Gmail account. You have to enter your E-mail address and give the password for searching the websites you have visited. Then you have to select the sites and accounts you want to remove.

Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck gave a statement in which they said “the secrecy of the users is very important to them and while inventing this site they have kept this in mind. They only search the websites visited by the users and the search is kept a secret. Google’s security protocol is used while logging in and it is safe for the users.”

The users having a Gmail account can access the facilities. So if you are have opened a hotmail account like MySpace and Bebo then you have to delete your accounts one by one by yourself.

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